Kaosa, chaos incarnate (v4.5)

Name; Kaosa
Abilities; can use the chaos corrupted form of anything. (Fire, water, creation, etc)
Bio; The chaos energy has spent so much time in the copied body of a woman that now it generally is one itself. Partly acts like one and it’s form has mutated into the form of a female demon now. She remains bound all the time as that keeps the energy sealed enough that it won’t destroy her body.
Gender; female

I only really named it 4.5 as the only changes are the arms, 2 blades instead of 1, and I just basically went nuts binding her for the seal design. It now barely effects her waist posability so it really only rotates and one elbow won’t go straight down now but everything else is intact. this will likely be the final time I ever build on her as v4 was just about perfect according to the comments.

Ok. Now Rhaea looks like the demon clone. I need to get that v2 started soon.

From big technic guy to petite tied up female demon with armor. Wow has this thing changed. Only the wings now still have the same skeleton build from v1.


She really looks better

Looks pretty good, might look even better if the red stuff on the wings were black, or even silver. The claws could be silver too, I think it would help the colors.

Well she’s more like a mass of energy, but consider the silver bikini armor with the rest as her flesh. I tried your way while building her and it just didn’t look good.

In that case, where’s her underwear?

I just had to do that, didn’t I

I for one am a fan of the concept of having one color for armor, and one for “skin”, and so on… but you have to make sure to have the MOC be built completely with that in mind, including all the necessary bits. Also, what does that mean for her mask?

I might try to do a full review of the MOC later. For right now, what stands out is that the thighs are out of place and the wings are a bit overdone. The concept for the color scheme is something you could work with.

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Ok. You got me there but she is just a mass of energy so it’s the look of her form rather than it being real. Consider the bikini kinda like the fused Tia nuva armor. As for the crotch; lets just say I went into the perverted side of deviantart for inspiration and it shows.

She looks great! The wrists look better now, and she’s overall cohesive! Although, maybe as an added touch for the chains, make some long ones hang off her with rock balls attached to them, that way she looks like she’s chained back and maybe she could even use them as flails!

The wings are a bit cluttered, but it looks neat other than that!

Subtle improvements as always.

It’s a great MOC, but the feet look a bit too small for it.

Well why change what was almost perfect anyway?

Well, there is always room for improvement.

Can I please call him one of XAIES Elites since I get the Blood Toa Vibe from him

Which is why I said almost judging by the comments. I haven’t seen any problems but we’ll see.

Whaddon; call her whatever you like. She is a mass of energy so who says she isnt xaies elite? I saw that one you posted and she honestly does kinda look like another form of one.
Though I have a request; if you have the peices maybe you can make your own version of her. I’d actually love to see another version from someone else.

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Very nice. I like the overall feel of the moc, it has a very solid design. The armor on the legs was implemented very well, they look nice. Not to mention she is pretty proportional, and doesn’t have big monkey-arms. She could, however, use some Piraka feet.