Kapura, Toa of Fire (WIP)


Kapura as a toa. His mask is a Kakama. I would have loved to make a moc of this, sadly I don’t have enough red pieces, or even a red kakama.

My main work with this picture, and my scrapped (for now) story Bionicle Origins, is of course what if Bionicle continued rather than ended. Working into this plan, I gave Kapura a ccbs build, but made the shells more closely related to traditional bionicle. So instead of getting ccbs pieces tailored to hero factory, we got pieces tailored to bionicle.

You can read what’s been written of the story so far here:

CnC on the artwork here.


does he walk a lot still as a Toa?

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As a toa, yes. He uses his mask more liberally as the others, but at the same time it mainly only benefits himself. When he uses the mask, he walks and moves at the same speed as everyone else. Otherwise he’s late to the party.

That’s a kakama?

Sorry, but that looks more like a hau with a huna eye hole than anything.


Yes, I tried to make them look a little different.

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Nice, nice! Very detailed.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Might need a bit more resemblance to a Kakama IMO. Although the rest is okay.

Apart from the Kakama looking a bit too much like a Hau, this drawing looks really well done!

Thankfully I didn’t ink it yet. So I can alter it.

@Oniwah Thank you! ^^

I don’t know why but I love his arms.

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As I said, I tried to imagine what CCBS would’ve been like if it started with bionicle rather than hero factory. Giving a still smooth set of shells that also carries some bionicle aesthetics.