Kardark the Mistress

She’s one of the members of the TSO species, she is considered being a cunning and manipulative person, according to the rumors from the Makuta.
She can turn a fully sentient being into a puppet with her power, controlling the victim(s) to do her dirty works, to satisfy her darkest desires.

Same as TSO, she possesses these powers: Plasma, Mind Control, Puppeteer, Kinetic Manipulation, and Heat Vision. Her claws are poisonous, watch out for that.

Head design, the purple stud is her lip, not teeth.

Kardark posing with her claws.

Height comparison with Pohatu Mata (I know the color isn’t accurate on Pohatu).


Kardark’s old build, I didn’t like this build so I decided to remake it.

Part Pack(s) used: Biopack.


Nice, very mysterious looking.
at first i thought it was just a head when i saw the first pic lol

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very nice.

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oh neat
Nice moc!

Pretty neat, I like the head design, the tall, thin aesthetic, and gold-black color gradients. I feel like the tail could use a bit more color, though–maybe alternate black and white or gold shells would improve it?

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I do like this one, especially the head but I feel that the arms need a bit more to them. They look way too short.

Yeah, I can see that

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