Kardimys V2

I have finally got time to upload the updates to my self MOC. I have added many things:

  1. Completely new arms and legs
  2. A new lower torso
  3. Dreadlocks
  4. And whoever mentioned the red pin in his head, you are in luck, it’s now black.

Tell me what you think of this Update. Already working on another one, but it will be smaller.


It’s very nice-looking. Although the back is kind of bare and technic infested.

It’s hard to cover everything. And besides, he has a cape and hair XD


I can’t tell if the chains actually work as hair or not. Past experience leads me to say no.

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dreadlocks… looks more like long chain hair at the back

Kay, so shoulder capes are awesome, Kopaka swords are awesome, chains are awesome, Black Phantom Helmets are awesome, and the build of this MOC is awesome. Ten out of-

That’s silly. I really dislike when people do that. 9/10.

But, overall, the build of this MOC is Fantasti-cool™.

Also, if your Self-MOC’s name is Kardimys, then who is Hafynx?

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Thighs feel a little bland.
The dreadlocks stick out.
Cape is great.
No others flaws.

This is a very good MOC!

I got to admit this is pretty great.
But the dreadlocks don’t look like dreadlocks.

Have you seen v3

My complaint remains! XD Oherwise, he looks awesome!!! Great job!