Kardymis color changes

Messing around on Photoshop again, swapping Kardymis' red to different colors. I will show and original first for comparison.

Sadly, none of these can actually be made... Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that some of the parts are available in these colors. But if they were, which one do you think looks best?


I now want a TTV Mocs Fighting Game


Why? What made you think this? xD

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Whenever you play a fighter like Darkstalkers the button you press swaps the color

Wow! I should totally try this! :smiley:

These look really cool!
But they can't be built, primarily because of the shoulder-pads.

I love the Yellow Ver. of Kardymis. It works extremely well IMO.

I like the green one the best, personally.

...Now I wanna see 'im in Buzz Lightyears colours...

This is pretty sweet, but I think he looks best Purple.

I'm pretty sure all these parts come in Purple too!


well paint exists, and they look pretty cool

I added 3 new colors...

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I think the cyan looks the best.

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I like the green one, I dunno, they all look pretty good though...

Eh, Purple is still best.

Love the way the green and purple colors look against the black.

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The teal, green and purple one's look good

You probably could make the green one.