Kardymis IX

Been working on Kardymis lately, and I’d like to share what I came up with.


  • New legs - Much more motion
  • A longer torso - Better proportioned to the rest of the MOC. I was able to pull of adding a second “abdomen thing”
  • Sleeker chest piece - Smoother looking, and it covers more of the torso
  • New sword - Complete redesign, keeping the same blade and the idea of the 2 trans-neon studs

So here we go…

A look at the new sword. It is able to rotate at the hilt…

New legs offer a much wider range of motion, especially in the knees.

A closer look at the extension in the torso, and that “abdomen thing” which there is now 2 of.

The new avatar pic…

And for getting through “just another long self-MOC post by Hafynx”, here is a picture of a legendary green stud…

Tell me what you think…


Alright, looks pretty good, but I am not a fan of how blocky the torso is, or how open the legs are.


Based on the coloring, I’m guessing that red and silver represent armor, while the black is more like the skin underneath. Going by that, there’s an awful lot of his waist that’s left open… I think he’d look a little better if you extended the red chest piece down a bit (or just straight up move it down a stud). Other than that, though, he’s got a really nice design, and I particularly love the sword. The double-jointed knees are a pretty unique design choice, and one that seems to help the knees actually bend in a realistic manner without having to leave them hollow; I like that, too.

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The black isn’t really like skin. It’s more like how medieval soldiers would have chain mail under their armor… But thanks for the feed back anyway!

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Oh, okay… it does still make his torso look slightly stretched, though.

It gets better each time.

The chest armor is too blocky for my tastes. The knees do seem a bit happy, but I like the design. I think I’ll have to mess around with something similar at some point. Overall I think this is pretty good.

We haven’t had a new Kardmis in months, what gives


as usual, it’s an improvement on the previous version. nice work


His waist/torso look very stiff and squary,and the knees look unfinished,otherwise tis alright i guess.


Great improvements!

Love the colour scheme.:grinning::ram:

The knees have a very interesting look to them. Nice job

The MOC looks amazing, but the red part of the chest seems like it extends too far.

It’s Beautiful :o


Oh man, the flexibility is wonderful.

You’ve really outdone yourself this time! It’s a lot better than version one, and you can see that through the other versions. I’m really getting midevil “knight vibes” from this!

Also, the sword is absolutely amazing.

Nice job! :smiley:

Thank you very much! And you @Gringat

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Dat sword is purty…

The MOC itself, however, is not. The limbs are really good, but the torso is literally a giant block. Literally. 7/10, good effort put into this.

It Is Amazing
I really need to make new Mocs soon
Or update myself again

But I love this moc
and the sword

Thanks mate!