Kardymis v4

The fourth, and possibly final major update to my self MOC. This time I have completely rebuilt the torso. Because of this, a how-to for the old torso has been posted on the MOC how-tos topic. Enjoy!

Share your thoughts below!


I like turtles,

ALSO I love the hands! I hope you don't mind if I use them in some Mocs! :grin: Great job! 9/10as the head looks a little playing and I know you can add more!

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Of course you can use the hands!!

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Yeah this is alot better,the torso looks amazeballs

HORNS? WHERE ARE THE HORNS? WHY ISNT ANYTHING ON THE SIDES OF HIS HEAD?!? Please, I BEG of you, put something on the sides of his head! I recommend they be silver and red, as to match the color scheme. Loving the update, by the way! Looks really cool!

Why do you wants him to have horns so badly?

Not bad. I quite like it.

The armor is color blocked too, so +10 points.

Still needs something on the side of the head.

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Cause those open spots just..... Bother me....

Lookin nice!

Pretty cool, I love the flow the armor has.

This is actually pretty cool!

Spiffy, and very clean. Great job!

Thank you very much!

What's that golden orb he's holding for?

I dunno really, it just looks nice...

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I got to admit this looks great.
Better than the other versions.

Time for a bit late critique.

I like the vibe that this MOC gives off. It looks he could be a foot soldier for a shady empire. The shins are a bit skinny, but not bad, although I don't like the way you've implemented the jet boosters. Not a fan of the that style of chest armor (at least on this MOC), and the grey and red technic on the torso distracts a bit form his smooth appearance. If you can make that part all black (or have a slizer foot or something to armor underneath the shoulders), that would be good. The way you've attached the armor to his forearms looks a bit weird, but it's okay. Also, From the front it appears that the Metru foot is the only bit of old silver he has, not sure if you can fix that or not. Color placement overall is pretty good, and the sword is neat. Looking forward to future versions.

The shaping on the torso is spot on, and I love all of the smaller details!