Kardymis vi and Unnamed MOC

It’s a 2 in one!! I thought that rather than putting the latest update to my self MOC on it’s own (seen as though it’s not that big), I would put a completely new MOC in… First up, Kardymis vi.

And now the new MOC.

Tell me what you think…


Q. How Many Times Have You Updated This Guy In The Least Month?

They Both Look Good, But The Unnamed One’s Head Seems… Odd

They’re Good

I have updated him A LOT… Including the really old hero factory versions that aren’t on the boards, this is about version 14 xD

EDIT: I just check my MOC log book, which I actually have, And this is version 14…

Kardymis: HOW MANY TIMES?!?! :laughing: but, overall, this looks great! I love the shield!

Unnamed MOC: A much better approach rather than… Ummm… You know who…

I know what you’re trying to say, but this is NOT a female MOC…
I tried to make the thighs look big so that it was like samurai sort of trouser things…

Wow, I really like the new version of Kardimys, except for the cape, it seems ridiculous.

That new MOC is pretty great looking, I love the arms. :smile:

Lower arms on the new Moc are great! Nice work


Oh! I honestly couldn’t tell! :stuck_out_tongue:

This version of Kardymis is the best one yet!

The other MOC’s torso seems a bit thin.

Thanks! I think that I’ve got to a point were Kardymis is pretty much perfect… Not trying to boast. What I mean is that there is nothing left to improve.

@Lord_Tuma And now that I look at it, neither can I xD

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Since I’ve seen so much of Kardymis recently, I’ll skip over to the new gal I’m assuming it’s a she:stuck_out_tongue:
Looks decent, I like how you did the legs, though I must question the head and the upper-left arm.

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Wowjustwow! :laughing:

Actually, I think it should be female…

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It does give me a female vibe…

That’s what I thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoulders on the Unnamed MOC look odd, but apart from that they both look pretty good.

Chest goes with the shield for the self moc

Unnamed could be female, unless you want a skinny male or something

I think I’m gonna go with female, I added a few bits and it just sort of fits…