Kardymis XII

I’ve come a long way… only to see it all end. - Kardymis

Now for some edits:

I hope you enjoyed this.

As I stated earlier in the TTV discord server, this is to be my last topic here. After I have replied to any comments on this topic that need replying to I will only continue posting my MOCs on Flickr and Tumblr. The boards is a good place for posting MOCs but I prefer the communities of the other 2 places.

Thank you for all of the constructive criticism over the time that I have been here, and thank you to all of the people who have supported me.

Criticism welcome…


I think this is the best one yet.

So it all leads to this. I’ve got to say this is a nice way to go out, the MOC is proportionally and aesthetically sound, and the inclusion of some more natural curvature to the back and legs makes him feel more solid.


Pretty good. What do you use for editing?

I use this:

I simply use ‘Adjustment’ then ‘Focal’ then have a play with that.

I think you’ve got a duplicate picture.

I quite like this. The sword is really cool looking, and I quite like (though I can see why some might not) the curves in the back.

's goud, frend

Awesome. It has a really nice consistent flow. Love how it looks.

Thanks. None of the images are duplicates, the last 3 are edited versions of previous photos


My apologies. I didn’t notice the edits here on my end.
Still a good looking moc.

I quite enjoy the simplistic look of this MOC.
The colours are all very cleanly seperated and it takes full advantage of CCBS’s armor like appearance.
The one gripe I have is he does look a tad stick figure-ish.
I think just a tad more bulk in area’s like the thighs and abdomen would help
Or if you don’t want to add more bulk, you could stream line the armor a bit more, to compliment the skinniness with a sleek appearance.

Wow, this is absolutely stunning. This is definitely my favorite version thus far, and I really like how it looks. The bulky appearance gives it a knightly vibe a bit, and the lantern/necklace looks really cool. For a last post on the boards, this is deserving of that. My only nitpick would be the sword, as it feels a bit bland imo. Regardless, this MOC is great.

Wow…this is just stunning…I LOVE IT (goodbye dude ill miss you)

Nexo Knight shield knees. Nice.

Seems simple on the surface, but I can tell that structurally a lot’s been put into that torso and those legs. I like it.