Kare & Arorau, Angelic Twins of Emotion and Logic

Emanus: He is the younger brother, and possesses the powers of emotion. This often means he is irrational and highly emotional toward little things. He also can manipulate anger into a whirling storm of fire. He wields the blade of Rage, giving him the powers of fire.

Lozic: He is the eldest brother, and possesses the powers of logic, meaning he is extremely rational at all times, and shows nearly no emotion toward anything. He can also use his abilities to create a destructive blizzard. He wields the blade of Coherence, gifting him with the powers of ice.

Once, they were allies in combat, but their differences quickly drove the apart. Now, they can't even bare to be around each other for a minute without Emonus trying to decapitate his brother. His hatred for his brother comes from the death of Vinzic, a good friend of his. Lozic had killed him because he was corrupting his brother.


I am Emonus. I am here to get highly emotional over little things. It is my destiny to claim my golden mask of temper, and become, the master of tantrums!

Other than a few gaps mostly due to CCBS itself, these guys are pretty solid.


Could use different names, and drop the red pins... but other than that I really like them! Great designs.

As much as I hate red pins, my black pin count is near zero, so it will be extremely difficult to find replacements.

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How about Kare and Arorau? They're the Maori words for emotion and logic, respectively.

I like it! To be frank, I came up with the names on the fly as I was posting the topic.

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They're beautiful!

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To be fair, Emonus isn't a bad name. Lozic on the other hand, sounds a bit awkward, especially considering he's a being of, well, logic.

I like them, they look like opposites, yet they look like brothers

"Suddenly boards mocs will be full of angels" ~Arch-Angel 2k15

Preety interesting stuff, as for guys made mainly of G2 pieces!


It's Super Smash Bros. Brawl all over again!


They're kinda.....cute.....


Actually, I never mentioned it, but I based the torso design on a City of the Fallen basic frame, though, it had some changes.

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