Kare the Atua (Sketch)


Originally drawn for an art contest, but the contest got a bit too confusing, so I’m just posting here.

My self moc, Kare. An Atua.



The symbols on the hood are a nice touch. I wish I could draw half as good as this.

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I know, I know, of all the people to be asking this…
What is an Atua?
The art is really good, BTW.

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Thank you. There’s a lot that I want to add to the moc, including the hood. Either I don’t have the pieces or I have to make them myself, like the hood.


A weaker version of a great being. Like a shaman.

Ah, thank you. (The reason I put the first line is that I make up new species all the time)

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Is the MOC already completed? And if so, is it on the message boards?
Great drawing, BTW. 10/10.

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Oh I see, thank you.

I see both matoran and great beings as similar species, but obviously not the same. I made this connection because of what happened with Velika, as well as what brief glimpses we’ve seen of them.

Similar in the way gods relate to humans


Not yet, an early iteration is available to see, but I have made changes. Some pieces for the upper portion have yet to be added.

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I apologize for double post. I added a picture of my moc as a sort of comparison.

looks noice, pretty detailed

Thank you :slight_smile: