Kare, the Atua (WIP, 3/4 done)


Pieces: 140

Kare, an Atua. A weaker form of a great being. Her mask is a powerless Makaya, the Mask of Healing. Though she cannot create or destroy like a great being, she is able to manipulate the laws of life and death, being a healer and spiritual mediator.

I’m stuck on building the legs, so for now this is complete.

•Cloak has not been made
•Staff has not been made
•CCBS Torso needs to be cut to remove the exposed ball joints. They are a hindrance to arm movement and I cannot create a custom torso with the limited space available.

CnC on the progress so far.


0/0 uses rakshi chest

Just kidding, I like the look and colors of this. I do kinda wish you picked a different mask, but then again that’s just because I don’t like the noble huna all that much.


Thank you :slight_smile:

The huna is my favorite mask, reminds me of a Raven’s skull. If I had extras I’d make an alternate mask. Somewhere between a huna and a protector mask to be the Makaya.


The Jungle theme is the embodiment of this moc.
I’m really jelly right now


Thank you so much. I’ve been trying my best. :slight_smile:

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I know you were looking for some legs designs, have you found any?
Really nice so far, looks promising


Thank you! No leg designs yet. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. :confused:

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I love the moc overall. I don’t think you need to cut the exposed ballpoint but fill them in instead. Your aesthetic is awesome and I love the color scheme. You creativity is really shown in your style. The only changes I would make are building a custom head and add at least a few more lime vine pieces on the torso to tie in the ones near the waist. All in all fantastic work. :blush:

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I kind of feel like i should mention, I’ve used a leg design on my MOC Neku (which is here on the boards) that might work for the proportions of this. They might be a little long but could be adjusted. I don’t know, just trying to see if I can help.

As for what is built, I really enjoy this MOC! The only serious flaws I find are in the color scheme. There simply isn’t enough white, beige, or lime green distribution. There is just too many different colors.

So, besides the obvious issue of no legs, this is a good build that just needs some refinement in the colors. Also, I love the weapon design.

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The result so far looks pretty great! Can’t wait to see how you progress with this.


I tried filling them, but it actually makes it a lot worse. With the ball joints, the arms can stick out straight to the front. I was gonna cut the ball joints off then use the then exposed axel as a place to put bohrok teeth. In reddish brown.

Thank you a lot. I was planning on making a custom head, however they don’t have a size three beam in trans lime. Otherwise it would look like an inika face. As for vines, I definitely want to add more plant pieces. Especially something around the legs to simulate Moss. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of adding more white and lime around the legs. As said above, for a mossy feel. I may or may not also choose to paint Moss on the burnt orange pieces on the arms. That’s a maybe.


Thank you so much! I mainly need to figure out the legs. Afterwards I’ll be working on the staff. The cloak should be easy.

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I’m not sure if white really reflects moss.

Anyways, I think painting would be a cool idea, since it would add to the “nature” vibe of the MOC :smile:

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Either that, or painting tribal marks on the body. Actually that sounds better for white.

I definitely think painting is good. However for now, I just need to get the moc completed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m glad I can help, because as sort of a beginning MOCist I definitely can relate to running straight into a brick wall when trying to figure something out.

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I’ve been MOCing for about a year. But literally the majority of my MOC work alone has been on this self moc, with a majority of G1 pieces from before 2003. (I do have some from 04-06, but very limited) As well as little CCBS. Hopefully I get a lot more soon. ^^

Again, thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m assuming you’re using that tube piece around her neck as a necklace of some kind, but I don’t see it working for that purpose. A thinner style of tube or some of those chain pieces might serve your purpose better.

Other things of note: exposed balljoints in the torso (though those could be fixed rather easily), exposed pins in the chest, gap in the stomach. Also, while keeping in mind your intentions for the color scheme for this MOC, if there are colors that only appear in two or three small pieces across the MOC (possibly more for a MOC of this scale), they ought to be replaced. Making a patchwork style color scheme is less dependent on the amount of colors you put in but the amount of colors that are well placed.

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Great beings are just super smart Glatorian nerds


Exposed pins in the chest? Oh do you mean the bohrok teeth under the breast plates? They’re meant to be there. The gap is where the body curves. Can’t fill it without ruining the waist articulation.

I will be fixing color eventually. Adding more lime and white. However as for now I need to complete the moc first.

The tube around the neck is a collar. It isn’t as flexible as I’d like it to be.

Thank you for the CnC :slight_smile:


Err… Except great beings never partook in war, and they mainly created. In a world of biomechanical beings, this makes them either gods or demigods. My self moc is a shaman, and the closest word to shaman in the Maori language is “Atua” which is what she is. A weaker form of a great being.

They’re really just a group of engineers devoted to the well being of their planet.

so does this mean a weaker glatorian?
Appolgies, I just really like things to fit with canon, it’s just me. Cuz I know a lot of people like to do their own things with canon so don’t feel like you have to change anything.
The Moc looks really great though!


Engineers are people who work on machines. Mechanical engineering. In a world of bioMECHANICAL beings, what does this make them?

Glatorians are warriors. A shaman is not a warrior. We do not fight. The weapon my self moc has is even a defensive weapon.

If I recall correctly, Glatorians were Agori that were reengineered for war.

Thank you for the CnC, it really helps motivate me when I get feedback. ^^