Kargan, Toa of Earth Moc

This moc is an experiment with my meld of system and bionicle parts. He was one of the first members of to a team I mentioned in my previous moc: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/my-first-self-moc-hutere-toa-of-air/19270/18
Here are the pictures:


I am pretty sure there ar only like 4 system parts here but for an experimental moc he is pretty descent.

Yeah, I realized that after I put it down. :confused:
@Umarak That was the idea. I always imagine Toa of Earth being stocky and with broad shoulders.

The shoulders are a bit to wide and the torso’s a bit short apart from that it’s not to bad

I w-

Huh well I still feel as if the torso is to wide.
I will comment a little more on this guy later.

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Isn’t the torso build the exact same as Pohatu Phantoka? Even if it isn’t still pretty simple and the shoulders look kinda awkward


I’d say fix the gaps in the shoulders and then this moc would flow.

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I agree with this, but the MOC also needs more black because the colour doesn’t flow very well

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I wasn’t too concerned about the torso build when I designed this, and the shoulders are the experiment. I guess they don’t work.
@Oniwah The black in the color scheme was going to be more integrated after I figured out if people liked the shoulders.
@Yveran I always liked that torso and wasn’t using it for Pohatu anymore.

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The claws don’t look very toa-ish, but pretty good for a mostly inika build. The shoulder armor looks good.

I see somebody is using the Pohatu Phantoka body.