Karlon, the Brute

Karlon, a brutish warlord from the island of Olum. With a fearsome army by his side, nothing shall stand in his way.

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Tell me what you guys think!


CCBS Sanic is back.

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The shoulder armor really makes him look like a ruler. The build captures the concept quite well too. Great job!


Cool use of the ccbs frame!

Oh my god this is such an amazing moc. Great use of colours, body design and that axe weapon thing looks amazing. Great, great job.

Looks good; I especially like the lower legs!

Rather nice! I particularly like the use of the surge mask and how the shoulder armor came out.

Dare I ask whether he is a gen 1 or gen 2 character? I’m getting G2 vibes, but you weren’t explicit about it.

G2 character.

The flimsy looking scythe doesn’t look like something a “brute” would wield

His pecs break the colour layering a bit (you put black as mostly bones and under-armor, so having a giant blob of black on top of gunmetal looks off)

Also, what’s with the gunmetal thumb?

Fair enough, I was thinking of using the Stronius Club as his weapon, but I thought the axe looked cooler. But, I can still give him the club, if that works better.

Yeah, the pecs really should be gunmetal, but unfortunately I don’t have any of those chest pieces in blank gunmetal. (Do I even have any in gunmetal with printing on them?)

The gunmetal thumb was because I only had four blue Exo-force arms and I was too lazy to go find four more gunmetal arms to fit with the thumb. :stuck_out_tongue:

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