Karshuu - Protector of the Night

I realize that “night” isn’t really an element in the same way that air, water, or fire are elements. But Lewa has the power of “jungle”, and that’s not really an element either. So I figured I could go with Protector of Night as the theme for this guy and not be too far out of bounds.
Nothing groundbreaking or hugely innovative with this build. Pretty simple actually. But I think the keys to it are the color scheme along with the texture. I imagined him as a nocturnal spider-type creature. I tried to convey that with all the protruding bits and spines, hoping for an arachnid-ish look and feel. I just wish I had come up with a better weapon for him, since this sword is kinda boring.


This is pretty cool, I like the rib cage having the spikes add-on on it

I like all the spikes coming off him, they really fit the MOC

Thanks dude. That’s the definitely theme I was going for.

He looks real groovy man.
But he kind of just looks like a protector of earth to me, One with a lot of spikes.

ooh, I like all the spikes :smiley:

Looks very cool!

Spiky MOC is spikey!

Looks cool!


I love this MOC to death

Wow dude this is really good at first glance it looks like it has pretty complex build. So props for that and also this is just a really good colors scheme and texture.

Since but still evil. Nice job with the spikes.

Not much to say about this, simple and nice.

I love the use of the ribcage piece and trans purple

looks awesome

This is awesome. My favorite protector set now looking more flippin’ awesome with the cool spike and every thing is just like ramen noodles. (I like ramen noodles so that was a compliment btw). This moc just made my day (even though its night :smile:)

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Thanks man. I love ramen too. Especially in the winter time.

why not just go with shadow?

looks rather nice. no complaints here.

Cool MOC! Nice use of transparent purple.