This is by far my most simplistic M.O.C. that’s a creature or character. It was built prior to a TWO WEEK vacation to the island Maui. (Would rant more, but I don’t want to spill my personal life online.)
Here are the pictures:

The hand head went back and forth for a bit, until this was a better silhouette
in my head.
Some “aerial” shots for it swimming.

My main problem with possibility are these hind legs. I cannot extend them because of my parts shortage.

Here is one feasting upon the ground.

Size comparison:

Side note: I’ll now be doing semi-annual updated topics for changes to my M.O.C.s instead of updating the original page.

Comments, critiques, and concerns are welcome.


I really like it! I like small, poseable mocs that also manage to be kinda cute. Only complaint, I’d flip the head-hand over, since the thumb kinda looks like a lower jaw/beak. Otherwise, it looks good.

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Tried that when I first built it and didn’t like it. The top was too wide for my liking. If you want, I can send or post a picture to show you.