Karzahni tattoo flash

Decided to paint the Olisi in a tattoo-ready fashion at work today. Hit me up if you live near CT and want this.


Woah, nice.


I love this! It's a pretty fantastic interpretation of the mask. The green is a little off, but otherwise, it's awesome.

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What's this?

Connecticut maybe?

This is great....

That's really all I can say about this.


Yes connecticut. I work in Connecticut on the new york state border.

Thanks for the compliments bros

Pretty cool design, do you take drawing requests? smile

Wow great job i know the green is not the right one but in my opinion it looks better than metru green great job

@Scarilian Thanks! depending on what you want, I might skull

@BNKHawaii Thanks! I know the green is a little off but I use the same colors for all of my paintings so that everything is consistent and goes together. I paint everything in a traditional tattoo style.