What happened to Karzahni? Did he end up in The Pit?

Yeah, but then he escaped and after Makuta was defeated he evacuated to Spherus Magna, only to be stabbed to death. By whom - it has not been revealed as the production of web serials has stopped due to Bionicle discontinuation.

It has been revealed. It was Velika.

Okay, thanks. Biosector doesn’t seem to have been updated with this information.

It’s right here.

Dude. I am blind as bat. Thank you.

Thank you both!

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woah woah woah woah woah Veleka? and here i was thinking he was the more ok great being

Didn’t you know that he tried to kill Axonn, Brutaka and other Great Beings? He is pretty dark actually.

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now i did not know that. i at least have a good reason to justify me liking it while being 14 years old

Dang, Velika was a psycho.

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