Katastrofa ver 2.0

This is a revamp to a MOC I made almost two years ago. This is Katastrofa. It means “catastrophe” in Polish and Russian.

Edit: here is a link to the original.

I painted a chest piece for the first time. And dry brushed it. It doesn’t match the other purple as well as I’d like. And it looks out of place with non-dry brushed parts. But this was sort of a test to see how it would look.

I feel like painted parts are the “next frontier” for me in the MOC hobby.

Buster Sword




cmon upload it to flickr already, I need to like it there as well

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The name is also in written the same in the Serbian language.

Kaтастрофа! :exx:


That’s pretty cool how you have Lewa’s 2008 chestplate under the CCBS chest addon.

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Thanks. It’s a typical CCBS torso “frame”. The 2008 piece fits great with a single peg to hold it in place. Attaching the chest piece is as simple as inserting 2 of those gray, 1/4 pins. Then the 2 little pegs on the inside of the chest fit perfectly into the 1/4 pins.

@Asriel Done! Thanks for being a fan brother.


Well done. I’m surprised at how well Lewa’s torso plate fits onto the standard CCBS; it really flows nicely with the rest of the model. Also, points for using Corroder’s helmet, something I haven’t seen too often around the MOCing community.

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You sure are addicted to those boot leg hands


One cool moc

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