Kate the Dragoness

i made this moc for a friend on DA going by the name of Dragon-man13


It sort of loses identity give how many female MOCs use a Rahkshi head, so this feels sort of bland.

I also can’t tell what the white and red represent. Is the red skin and the white armor? If that’s the case, then why is there a lack of red in areas like the waist (which really could be thickened)?

The build doesn’t really feel unique, and the color distribution might benefit from a being a bit more “strategical” in a sense.

The tail should probably be elongated, as well.


the red and white is skin/scales and its best i can do cause i cant do a femme MOC with big thighs boobs and butt

I kind of like the way the legs are designed, but everything else seems a bit bland to me. The color scheme isn’t bad but I feel like it’s not well defined.

It just doesn’t really carry that idea across, most reptiles (even in fantasy) have an entire organ of skin, with scales and plates covering basically everything, save for joints and a few fleshy bits. The scale pattern just looks sort of odd, and almost looks like clothing in a weird and not very logical sense.


I feel as if there needs to be more red.

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The textures clash, and the color scheme isn’t as defined as it probably should be.


well i could put an image of what kate looks like but then i be breaking the rules

Unless it’s inappropriate for the message boards, or leads to an inappropriate page, I don’t believe it’d be breaking any rules.


These aren’t what define females, there are plenty of other ways to get across the idea of a female character without incorporating rather “overt” features.


i know that but dragon-man13 on DA drew kate with those features

That doesn’t excuse a flaw of the MOC.

Considering that you either cannot or will not post the concept, I don’t see why that should affect what we think of the aesthetic choices of the MOC, which are somewhat flawed.


It looks really awkward especially in the arms and torso, and the rear area looks like a mess and the different shades of red are distracting.


I feel like this is definitely not your best. The waist is too thin, and the different shades of red look bad, especially since the mata red is all in the arms. Also the tail looks awkward.

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This MOC as @Omega_Tahu said really isn’t your best work.
The torso is way too long and way too skinny. The arms are very simple and they look very awkward. The legs are Okay? The overlapped ccbs on the upper leg gives it a little bit of a scaly look. I’m not a fan of the metru red WITH the mata red as well =/
The head doesn’t look very good IMO, It looks quite strange.
Apart from the torso my biggest gripes with the moc are the feet and the inika shoulder butt. I feel like the feet are to small and the butt is just unnecessary.


Love the color scheme. :+1:

Perhaps some wings would give her some more dimension?


more pictures perhaps? i honestly cant critique anything because the things i could already have been said, but yea. more pictures so we can see the back etc perhaps?

Hey it’s Mistika, looking through old topics

The character is literally just an overly sexualised dragon furry, it’s too much for the boards

Reminds me of something bioniclenp made once

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