Kazakh, Bringer of Nightmares

This is Kazakh, Okoto's Bringer of Nightmares.

He was once a Master of the Mind, a Toa of Dreams. But upon his untimely death to the evil Makuta, Kazakh was mutated into an ethereal being that only entered the mortal world at night.

He is the "Bogeyman" the Okoto villagers tell tales of about their campfires, and the "Closet Monster" that keeps children in their beds. Every night, he acts as the human's "Sandman" does, spreading nightmares about the island, keeping the people subdued by fear.

Will the Uniters be able to defeat such a threat? Only time - and dreams - will tell.

Idea credits for this MOC go to:

@Ghosty, who I believe created this head idea originally.

And the LEGO Group for creating the Irnakk titan model, which Kazakh is based off of.


To those of you rushing to comment on his bad proportion - He was meant to look strange and unearthly, almost even impossible by the standards of physics.

Secondly, I realized I didn't explain his weapons. Kazakh carries two Phantom Katanas and on his shoulder is the Nightmare Zamor, the weapon he uses to instill villagers with fearful dreams.

The katana bits on his back were purposed to look like strange coattails. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This MoC is a bit of a mixed bag to me. First. That big gap with his second chest (I don't know what else to call it).

I can see how you were trying to do that. and the concept isn't a bad idea at all, but I don't think his upper torso quite achieves that. It looks more awkward then unearthly. Not to mention that from the looks of it, he can't properly move his arms upwards. I do like the head, color scheme and him having a tail.


Wacky and weird! Though with the bright colours, he looks like he spreads joy and fun rather than nightmares :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wh-What?! He's... Awkward?

Ah, if by gaps you mean the third picture, I was lifting his second chest to how exactly how the Irnakk design works out.

Indeed, he is a bit awkward, but the arms are indeed able to move so he could, say, scratch his head.

As for gaps, there are some in the lower torso where the Gorast claws don't fill in an opening between his Inika torso and the claws themselves.

Some awkwardness was caused by my own insistence in melding CCBS and Ye Olde Technic in this MOC. I always try to do this to more or less horrifying results. This MOC is one of my only half decent bits done using this melded style.

So glad my first ever post is going well! :blush:


Anime fan, huh? Anyways. Yeah I think there are some problems, but I think this is one of those MoC's that has an interesting core idea, and should be developed over time.


How did he know?

Thank you, Sonu-Senpai. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well the color scheme and the overall idea is nice, but the gaps and most importantly the textures don't mix well. I know it is meant to look creepy and all but so many textures don't go well.


Si, senora.
Taking a second look, I see where you're coming from. I also realized that Irnakk was once an A-lister for Top 10 Worst Bionicles Lists.
Thanks for the feedback though. :smile:


Esta senorita chica. @White_Rainbow

Looks awesome, though the Inika and Piraka torsos are not doing too much good for the strutural integrity of the MOC. I think you can find better substitutes for the big clunky pieces. :slight_smile:


Me disculpo, mi español es malo.

Yeah, there's one problem...
Inika torsos are all I have... (Except that one gold piraka torso)

Well, I guess I've gotta go buy some more Bionicle pieces... Although the old ones are all so overpriced... ;-;


Mea culpa?

Inika and Piraka torsoes are good if you have the coverage for them :smile:

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Anyway this MOC needs a lot a work. That is really all I have to say about this MOC.

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I do the same.

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I like the colors of the moc, I'm not sure about the torso though.


Best Comment I got on this post all day... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: