Kbraids MOCs!

I've been making MOCs for 3 years but i've never Joined a MOCing community and would like to try!
I've also been a Bionicle Fan since the very beginning!

I would love to hear the opinions of others from this community on how well of a MOCist and Character writer i am!
My MOCs of this year can be found here and of previous years here!


Hello! I, Thanos, welcome you.


Hi, I'm Chro, and Leo's crazy.

It's impressive that you've been able to build so many MOCs so quickly as the year is just a few days young - you build fast, man.


I'm not crazy, I'm Leoxanos, the Mad Titan.


yeah, sadly that inspiration only hits me a few times a year. hopefully when i start earning enough for luxury i can afford more sets to help me create more MOCs for my collection! Though i'm still very proud of collection so far!

Ah... Someone like Rahkshi heads.... smiley

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Welcome to the boards! I'm Hawkflight, the boards' resident critic at leisure.

Concerning your MOCs, I believe you still have a ways to go. Your limb designs are not terribly good or terribly bad, but your torsos aren't quite good. They seem very blocky. For male characters' torsos, you should try to make a smooth triangular shape, with a thin waist and broader shoulders. Also, try not to use Rahkshi heads as much, unless you have good reason for it, they tend to be one of the most overused BIONICLE heads.

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well i think that's actually all my rackshi heads there, so any new MOCs won't likely have them

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hello! welcome to the boards, I'm Middlefingerstudios, always ready to help if you want to show someone an obscene gesture with your middle finger! Just kidding, I'm not much of a MOC critic, but I have to say your guys look pretty good, you sem to like Rahkshi heads

The Mocs seem abit fine, if not casual. Though I think you can do good

I'm Nopasino and... and... and....
Anyway just call me @Nopasino

Hello, im charyas the guy who has no description of himself. Anyway, your mocs are pretty good!




These MOCs are, while casual, a good start. Nice work!

I'm not going to complain bout the Rahkshi heads because, well....

I use them for my series XP

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I wasn't saying that you didn't

Out of curiosity, what is that reason

What more reason does one require

Explain what this means

this |T͟His|
pronoun ( pl. these |T͟Hēz| )
1 used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced: is this your bag? | he soon knew that this was not the place for him.
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can you explain what DRAONS are now?

Presumably Ek misspelled "DRAGONS"

Nah. it must be an acroynm for something..