Keenorakh : vahki general

right my first topic … now how do i use this thing.

anyway i am planning something for very soon. just got a few things to do before its lauch. and this is one of them

this is a mock i made back in 2005 when i was about 7 maybe.

keenorakh is the vahki type of general ( wait general is not an element ) so he would lead is troops. unlike them he is taller faster better and free thinking. he can control his troops however with the rayda on his head ( dont care if thats not how you spell it this way is better :stuck_out_tongue:)

you will be seeing this guy pop up in my serect project soon. just one more thing to do… which you shall see soon.

yes he can still go in to this mode

he is missing the disk launcher for reason in secert project you will understand ( in short i didnt like the disk launcher )

ya dont mess with this guy ( sorry mods if there is a limt on images in one post( also sorry for the wrong edit on the word disk . it happens sometimes when i type fast and only quickly check. once aagin sorry ) ( still going in to this and finding out my spelling errors ( dose not help my english age is that of an 8 year old when im 17 )


<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/3/7/373168404989bed9ffd8b5f7f69318fc73f923ce.png" width=“666” height=“500”
@MakutaAhkmou before he became a Makuta
he was alsmost Gutted by a Vahki


It’s a little bizarre

And anorexic


“G-G-Good Vahki! You like Thumbs ups?”


Forgive me, but this MOC… isn’t very good. He has no armor, and the only difference between him and a Bordakh is the visorak limbs on his legs and the random bohrok eyes.

Add some armor, and do some more custom builds. You said he’s a leader right? Make him look like it. Use complex builds, add more features, a unique color scheme.


@SammySpartan thank you for the feedback. im just happy to get even something like a 2/10 from you. i do plan on making a new verson of him once i got parts. ( im in that stage where your starting to build up your part colection )

@JMP :smiley: thanks buddy

@Whaddon :stuck_out_tongue: very funny thanks

@MakutaAhkmou yes he would like thumbs up :stuck_out_tongue:



No! He killed one of my favorite Toa! :open_mouth:

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@MakutaAhkmou lol ya he dose look like he doing that

@Leoxandar oh yes. he did.maybe he killed more. maybe he didnt. maybe im hinting to something here. you may never know :stuck_out_tongue:

Having a moc you created back in '05? That’s pretty cool. Yeah, not much of a looker, more of a revamp but at least your moc is like 10 times better then the mocs I created when I was 7.

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Okay Toby

You are telling me you cannot MOC based on something you made in ‘05?
Darlin’, I made worse in '08.
Don’t base your opinion of your skills on what you did as a kid.

Except if you’re one of those Wunderkind geniuses who can learn a skill at a young age, then my argument is a little less valid

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@Joshi i was kinda of a smart kid so… your argument is less vaild. btw this is the best tihng ive ever made so… yer not so great at mocing.