Keitoth, the Southern Dragon

There was once a powerful toa of ice named Keitoth who lived in the Deep South, far from civilization. He was not powerful because of his control over ice, which frankly wasn’t very good. What he lacked in ice powers however, he more than made up for with his weapon making skills. Initially, he just supplied powerful weapons to his fellow toa, however, power corrupts, and the weapons that Keitoth had made were soon being used for conquest, and a Great War was started in his homeland. As soon as the war started, Keitoth went into hiding, realizing that he would be considered a powerful asset and a dangerous enemy, and he did not want to be used as a pawn for a power-crazed warlord. He couldn’t believe the monsters that had become of his fellow toa.

As the war raged on, and people searched for his whereabouts, Keitoth worked on an ultimate weapon, one that could end the war, once and for all. He worked on it for decades, moving his workshop whenever he was about to be discovered. Finally, he finished his piece de resistance, which he named the dragon of death, and integrated it into his body. The weapon was heavy, and his small frame made it difficult for him to wield, so before he could use the dragon of death to end the war, he needed to train and practice with it. This training left a wake of destruction, and it wasn’t long before the warring nations of Toa and matoran realized the their great weapon-smith had finally come out of hiding.

By the time they found him, he had completed his training and he displayed the power of his weapon by obliterating a mountain. Most of the factions collapsed under this massive threat of power, and those that dared to challenge Keitoth were no match for the dragon of death. Finally, when Keitoth felt that peace had been established and was confident that another war would not start, at least not for a while, he left, traveling as far south as he could, to avoid the many temptations that surrounded the dragon of death.

Now Keitoth is simply known as the Southern Dragon after his mighty weapon and place of self exile. It is said that he still lives there, keeping the dragon of death safe and functional, and that if ever another war were to start that he would come and end it once again.

This is a fun moc that I built several years ago, but finally got around to photographing.Admittedly I’m not the most happy with the energy effect that I went with, it just felt the most appropriate at the time. Now with the story I’ve made though, I feel like it should be bigger and more energetic looking

Hope y’all like it!


Great! I like the use of Stormer’s helmet backwards, it gives him a very unique looking head. The system pieces integrate nicely, especially that shield. I’m also a fan of the dragon arm, seems like I wasn’t the first with that idea :smile:


Everything works except the Mata foot hanging off the left knee, that just looks really strange and out of place. I do like the left arm shield though.


Totally agree. Unfortunately, due to parts limitations of my collection, I don’t really have any pieces within the color scheme that fit better with the aesthetic. If I could’ve, I would have made the legs symmetrical.