Kek's G3 Elements

I’ve noticed that a couple other users are posting their thoughts on what the ideal elemental roster would be, so I thought I’d contribute. I’ll explain why anything from G1 was changed (i.e. why some elements were cut) as I list them. To avoid taking up too much of your time (and also because I’m lazy), I’ll try to keep this brief and not go into how this affects worldbuilding except where I feel it’s necessary. If that is wanted, however, I am willing to provide via a lengthy Google doc. Also, the given color schemes for each element are pretty flexible, so Gali’s secondary color could be silver one year and orange the next.


These are the elements utilized by the main cast, and the ones most prominently represented among the Matoran populations.

-Fire (Ta- prefix, red-and-orange color scheme)
Yeah, most of these elements will be self-explanatory. The only thing worth talking about here is the fact that Fire doesn’t denote heat energy or chemical combustion, but the flame itself, which is actually just hot gas (“hot air,” as they say). This enables us to lump in Plasma, which is good because it wouldn’t be that functionally different from Fire to start with. So yeah, Plasma’s canned.

-Ice (Ko- prefix, white-and-blue color scheme)
Ice stays separate from Water on the basis of its differing properties and practical applications. Ice is more stabby-stabby, Water is more splashy-drowny-millionsofdollarsinpropertydamage-y. Ice is also a bad conductor.

-Water (Ga- prefix, blue-and-silver color scheme)
I have literally nothing of value to put here. It’s just water. Case closed.

-Earth (Onu- prefix, black-and-green color scheme)
Ok, so the Earth vs. Stone topic has been a subject of debate as of recent (for which I’m probably responsible), so I’m gonna address just why I’m lumping Stone and Earth together. Basically, if Stone and Earth are separate, that leaves only dirt for Earth, which doesn’t make for a very cool element. Additionally, since one of the goals for G3 is to make Bionicle easier to get into for newcomers, the fact that most people will expect Stone to fall under Earth might pose a problem. So Stone is put under Earth, and replaced with…

-Iron (Po- prefix, reddish-brown-and-silver color scheme)
Why Iron? Well, the idea’s inception had something to do with the image of a desert with iron in the sand, which would make it look like the surface of Mars–a red desert. The image is both fantastical and lets Pohatu keep his sand powers, which are cool.

Now, the issue of metal not naturally occurring a whole lot in nature has been brought up, to which I say this: why can’t this fictional planet have much higher natural quantities of a metal that doesn’t oxidize (which is a thing, such as with platinum, or even some sort of made-up natural form of steel)? Because then, the issue of naturally-occurring, pure metal being needed to make Iron unique as an element is solved. Pohatu can just tear metal from the ground, and boom, he has something at his disposal.

I’ve also heard that the motifs of Po-Koro’s culture might be different because in G1, it revolved around stone sculpture. But Ta-Koro didn’t really have much to do with actual fire; only a volcano, which just spews molten rock. Why, then, can’t Po-Koro get away with something similar, and keep its sculpture?

-Air (Le- prefix, green-and-keetorange color scheme)
I don’t see why Air needed to be changed for G2. I understand Lego was going on “muh focus groups,” but it didn’t make sense for the elemental roster, and it didn’t fit the world better. Le-Koro works as the village of Air because it’s physically very high up in the trees and, by extension, the air. So yeah, the wind-flying stays.

-Light (Av- prefix, gold-and-white color scheme)
Whether this is included in the “main cast” depends on what direction G3’s story would take and whether it would include Takanuva. I can see him as a mentor figure who trains the Toa. Not an old man, though, but something more like his G1 counterpart; I like the idea of a sage figure who isn’t an old coot.

-Shadow (Kra- prefix, black-and-red color scheme)
So of course, this is the “bad guy” element; however, it’s not actually an element, and here’s why: to specify what Shadow would actually be, it would be pretty much a vacuum where no matter or light is present. When struck with a blast from a Shadow-wielding being, the damage comes from the vacuum within, not any physical or energy attack. Because it’s not any real substance or energy, it’s not a true element, and no Toa have access to it.


These elements would be established early-on, but no major characters would wield them unless they’re introduced in future story arcs.

-Lightning (Vo- prefix, cyan-and-purple color scheme)

In all due seriousness, Voriki should totally be a character. The element’s colors are even purple for this sole reason; though whether they should stay that way is up for debate. Also, I’m lumping in Magnetism with this one because A. that leaves room for other elements and B. it reduces the potential redundancy of Magnetism to Iron. Also, depending on how Matoran brains would work, Psionics could be lumped in here, too, since it needs to go anyway.

-Plantlife (Bo- prefix, dark-green-and-brown color scheme)
What? I said I didn’t want plants to replace Air, not go away. I disagree with Var’s idea of lumping Plantlife in with Earth for two reasons: first, because plant powers have a number of different applications from earth powers; and second, because plants are not a part of the earth, they just sort of grow in it. Heck, some plants may take root in rocks, and some live underwater, so couldn’t they also be lumped in with Stone or Water? Plantlife is a fine element; it should stay where it is.

-Gravity (Ba- prefix, purple-and-gunmetal color scheme)
I know this one might be a bit OP in practice, but the actual effort needed for a Toa of Gravity to use their powers in an OP way could be really high to compensate. I think Gravity works as an element because, according to the Theory of Relativity, gravity is but a result of the bending of spacetime; so a Toa of Gravity is really a Toa of spacetime, which is very much a real thing in nature. At least, it is according to advanced physics.

-Poison/Acid (Ke- prefix, yellow-and-black color scheme)
Ok, so this one is a bit of a weird choice, so let me explain myself: I just think it’s weird that there’s no “poison” element. I think a Toa who can control corrosive liquids (i.e. acids and bases) of impossible PH levels is a neat idea, and one that should be at least considered. Just a thought, nothing more.

-Kinetics (De- prefix, tan-and-blue color scheme)
The idea of Kinetics as an element has long been discussed by fans, and I think it’s a valid option because it could really have some unique applications. Making targets stop or start moving, loading up an object with potential energy and them hitting it so it goes flying–that kind of thing. It’s not like it would be hard to get kids to understand, either; all you have to do is say, “He’s the Toa of motion.” It would at least be unique, that’s for sure. Oh, and since sound is moving particles, Toa of Kinetics could replace Sonics, which I think should get the boot because it’s not a part of nature so much as a phenomenon.

-Magma (Su- prefix, black-and-orange color scheme)
Alright, I just really wanted 6 secondaries, so here’s the best I got. Water and Ice are separate for the same reason this is separate from Earth. Plus, I wanted an “orange” element because, I dunno, marketing.

So yeah, that’s all I have to say. Leaf a like and shrubscribe if Plantlife is your favorite.


I wasn’t going to say anything. I wasn’t. Why did you have to put this here? It’s like you’re asking me to come refute you. I really don’t want to do this again. Well, at least you’re closer to being right this time…

We’ll take this one part at a time:

Yes it is a thing, we’re good so far!

Great choice! It occurs naturally in large quantities and doesn’t oxidize!

Not a thing.

Then don’t call it steel or you’ll end up summoning me to explain the metalergy of why it won’t occur naturally.

I just have one little problem with this…

There we go! All fixed! If it’s naturally occurring it will never be pure.

That’s all I want to say on this subject, please don’t make this another thing. Platinum is a great choice, it is a soft metal so the impurities don’t matter as much, just don’t call it iron or steel and we won’t have any problems. I really don’t want to spend another three days on this.


I think amongst the main elements, you have quite a few fair points. I do, however, disagree with one thing.

This makes less sense than the whole Ice/Water split. I don’t think magma should be an element. If you want a secondary sixth element, it should be lighting/plasma, as that’s more easily recognizable, and has a large range of applications.


I actually do have other comments, I just wanted to separate them from the obligatory iron comment, so here they are:

Putting aside iron because I really don’t wanna talk about it, I only have a couple issues here. First is the poison/acid element. My problem with it is that it’s a Rahkshi element and seems to have a lot of evil connotations attached to it. Poisoning someone isn’t very honorable you know. The other issue is with the kinetics element, I talked about the issues here a lot in another topic, So in the interests of time I’m just going to link it so you can see the discussion that’s already happened:

Why? People keep saying this, and I just don’t understand.

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Well, the element is only called “Iron” for a more mystical feel, which “metal” doesn’t provide; the element itself encompasses all metal, like in G1. It’s like “Fire” referring more to plasma than actual fire.

Regarding Acid (which is the name I think I’ll work with for now), it just feels wrong to do nothing with it, since it’s the kind of thing you can find in nature. Somewhere, at least. And I couldn’t find where you refuted the validity of Kinetics, only “Speed.”

Lightning is already in the roster, and Plasma was merged with Fire.

Thoughts are not a part of nature. They’re not a tangible thing or force that one can go out and find; the only exist within people and animals. Psionics also got a bunch of miscellaneous powers, like telekinesis, without any real reason; so in the end, it’s not an element so much as a power.

True, never thought about it that way.

Is telekinesis not considered a mental power? I’m just starting to realize how much my definition of fantastical powers comes from Bionicle, so I always assumed it was, per psionics. Moving things with your mind is how I looked at it.

Well, thoughts don’t actually move things. Telekinesis entails powers over things other than just the mind, because what happens in the mind stays in the mind, and does not manifest into reality except through other powers.

Sorry, Mr technicality here, lightning is made of plasma, if anything they should be merged. A fire would have to be as hot as the surface of the sun to be considered plasma.

Okay. I guess that redefines how I look at things, then.

“Lightning” as an element refers to the electricity itself, not the actual phenomenon of lightning. “Electricity” is just a boring name, and that’s why I’m not using that. “Plasma” also has its definition bent; it refers to pretty much any superheated, gas-like fluid.

Everything is redefined when you see the world like I do. It’s actually kind of terrifying. Everyone’s dancing. I don’t like that.

Yeah, but if your saying that a Toa of fire can make plasma, you are putting them on par with the sun in terms of power. My point here is don’t combine fire and plasma, if you don’t want plasma to be a thing than just make it not a thing rather than try to add it somewhere it doesn’t belong.

Well, what if that much heat entails more elemental energy than it’s reasonable to expect from a Toa of Fire in a realistic scenario? I just don’t like leaving parts of nature out, is all. Hence Acid.

I’m… I’m not quite sure what to say about this.


Sorry, must’ve missed that. Either way, as others have said lightning is a form of plasma, so they should be merged. There is no relation between plasma and fire except they’re both hot.

Then it’s outside their powerset…

You do know that an iron desert being red would be caused by oxidization, making your entire explanation redundant.

Please don’t start the iron thing again, I just got done with it…

The ride never ends.
the tracks are made of iron.


As I have said, “Lightning” refers to electricity and not simply lightning.

Like I said in the OP, “Fire” refers to the flame, which is a hot gas. Loosely, plasma can be lumped into that.

But not all the metal that naturally occurs in the world will rust. Platinum, as has been stated by both myself and agent 606, is one such metal. In my setup, such metal isn’t hard to come by, unlike on Earth, where it is.

Wait a minute, if Plasma is that OP, then it should just be canned in general.