Keliku, Knight of Lava

A fun little thingareenie I drew on Superbowl Sunday because I wanted to try my new style (which I much prefer than the 2015 style, mind you).

Keliku is a Toa of Lava that that crashlanded on Okoto instead of his actual destination, a sister island of Okoto. Since then, he has been tasked with defending Okoto from any troubles until the Masters arrive. Since the Umarak attacks, Keliku chose to be upgraded to a Uniter form and is tasked with destroying shadow trap clusters.

His Uniter form will be posted much later

Keliku bears the Mask of State Change, which allows the user to turn itself into a solid, liquid, or gaseous state. The golden mask increases accuracy of the power.

Keliku was based on a knight, if it hasn't dawned on you yet. Originally his backstory was him being a villager turned into a knight and a commander in an Okotoan army back in the ancient city days. Here's his old version, by the way.

Hope you enjoy!


I love the flashier 2015 animation style you got going on

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That looks pretty cool! Almost seems like he'll have a powered-up mode or something.

This remember me a lot to the Lego knights Kingdom sets. :smiley:

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ya'know, it's art like this that makes me wish Nexo Knights were cooler


Are you suggesting Nexo Knights constraction?


I would love that.

these are some groovy designs by the way @SwagMeister.


I really like your style of art here, and the designs are pretty neat as well

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I like the old version more imo, might just be the pose.

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no, the Nexo Knights line (IMO) is a bit ridiculous/flamboyant yet at the same time feel kinda boring.. but now that you mention it, constraction figures are the best thing that could happen to NKs as their single minifigure sets are actually kinda cool in concept


rip in piece

Looks really great. :smile:

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Looks really nice, but I am not sure if I am a fan of the torso, seems too wide and too plain..

how would he look wearing the golden kanohi?


Like this:


Will you ever try in making a MOC out of this art?

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Well, no, the only reason being that I have very little good parts that I can use.

i didnt buy the dark red dude in hf

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In future consideration, you have BrickLink for the coloured parts and Shapeways for the unique mask molding (if you ever descided to spend large money for your Moc to come to life like it does in the art).

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Really like the refined style here, similar to the animations but much better!

Glad you guys enjoyed!

Originally I wanted the new style in a pose but since I didn't really go for a practice run on my new style I just made him in an idle pose.

I've considered using Bricklink (I was tempted to use Brickset) but I definitely would use Shapeways, that is if I could use a 3d program.

u maed me saed

Thanks, Pek.