Kelnar & Javel, The guardians of Time

So lately I've been MOCing a lot. And I came up with these Characters:

Kelnar, the guardian of time and the leader of the Temporal Order:

Kelnar is as stubborn as you can get.

Kelnar features an all custom body, and a G2 Onua mask, as shoulder pads he features two Iruini masks.

Back shot. (he isn't so pretty from the back!)

Just his lower legs, for anybody who wondered.

And now,
Javel, guardian of time, member of the Temporal Order, Female companion of Kelnar.

Javel is younger than Kelnar, but she still is about 270 years.

Javel features an upside down Lewa nuva Mask and a staff with on one end: a zamor launcher, and on the other: a bronze tip.

Her back! (Isn't so pretty!)

And now together:

As a team they defend time, but there used to be six defenders, four of them have died or have run away.

In comparison with Pyren. (My Self MOC)

Creative criticism is Always appreciated!


They're simple and shoulders look odd

uh, you know that's gold right?

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Isn't it bronze? Huh?

metru gold.

lego hasn't had the best track record of metallic consistency.


Their backs and waist seem a little bit too bare, but I really like Javel's lags and head wink Both of these mocs have great potential!


Ek would be proud of those torsos./s

The torsos need some work, but these look pretty good otherwise.