Now then for those of you who don’t know about Toalittleboehn I’ll put a link to him down below but he is a moist/comic maker who is making an amazing comic about these little characters called mini mayhems, the best part is that he actually made an energy post where you can put up any mini mayhems and pets for them you make and want to be in the comic and he’ll put them, so far it’s still open, the fan introduction series has yet to begin but it is getting here!
I really supported it when I heard about it but only ever expected to be make able to make one of them (and it was the first one at that!) I proved myself wrong in that aspect, making 6 and two companions, and they’re all from accidental mocing while bored.
So here’s my first one, which isn’t the best but is interesting enough, especially description wise, enjoy, I’ll put up the others as time goes on.

One of the nuttiest mini Mayhem’s you’ll meet. Designed from Toalittleboehn’s instructions for his awesome mini-mayhems from the comic
Along with his mismatched, ill-fitting Armour, clawed hand, mismatched eyes, being very tall compared to the others and robotic prosthetic leg he has no memory of his past, just appeared out of the blue (I found him stick in my bin of scraps) he’s brilliant at creating strange (and generally dangerous/destructive, I should know,) weapons out of any pieces he gets his hands on, can climb anything and to anywhere (I found him hanging off of a small piece on the middle of my ceiling, and there’s no way up there!), he also will attempt to steal anything shiny, especially if it’s gold, and have a little hiding spot he’ll keep it in, like with a Raven (he won’t stop stealing my keys!) and he has a split personality, one evil…ish, (Nekrat) the other good… ish, also (Kelratz).

Attitude: happy, will become friends (in the term he’s saying your friends) easily as long as he likes the person, very chaotic in actions (will randomly start walking while speaking or doing something weird sometimes), easily gets distracted while speaking, will be talking about something then randomly change subject (such as he’ll be talking to you then say "ooh a tree/shiny/something!) adventurous, talks a lot, mild coward, more likely to run from a fight then stay, yet when fighting to protect a friend or using a ranged weapon he becomes very serious and focused, like he’s a different person yet not, very protective of friends, optimistic, possibly more insane then Hibe, terrified of bugs, especially spiders, nothing else really scares him, just makes him jump.

Split personality: evil one, evil-ish that is, vain, hates getting dirty, pompous, gloats about how evil/amazing he is or how brilliant is trap/skills are (you get it) when he captures a victim (which is also why they generally escape), will team up with other “Gillian’s” easily but then betray them, when not being evil is somewhat gentleman like.

Other attributes: he loves anything shiny or gold (especially gold) and will attempt to “borrow” any that catches his eye, taking it to whatever hidden area he has and putting them together in a nest like pile (if he ever meets Mek, Hibe or Neo they should be wary seeing as how he’ll probably try to take them too, luckily he’ll stop after a bit, also for some reason loves to steal blocks of butter.) Pun lover, that’s all I’m going to say along with his are generally terrible. He does like manga/anime but only certain types, so far he’s shown an interest in one punch man, one peice and +anima, one punch man being his favorite (How easily influenced is Oxx by strong beings? If it’s very then uh-oh, I showed Tekarz your comics and he wants to tell Oxx about one punch now.) He loves pets, cats the most seeing as how they’ll stay and let him pet them the most, with dogs he also likes to pet them but also tries to ride them (I asked him why once and he said “A dog is called man’s best friend, think of what would happen if I made one my best friend, imagine what a loyal steed it’d be!”) He installed rocket boosters on his arms that he can activate to speed up punches or help lift objects, fast and agile yet very weak, his punches not doing much, he has to activate the flame boosters on his arms to really doing any damage and those he can’t use much because of fuel (He also likes to yell "Falcon punch! When he does do that, I really gotta stop introducing him to new games… nah.) Is only weak while fighting, when not fighting he can lift objects much heavier then you’d expect (he tried to steal my laptop) he uses the rocket boosters the most like this so he can pick up even heavier objects, and he tries to take any that randomly interest him, don’t be surprised to find him trying to take your bike if you have one, can somehow climb to the most improbable places, basically anywhere that shouldn’t be able to be reached, such as your lights if your ceiling has no way to get up to them, possible teleportation powers, you’ll be speaking to him or near him, blink and he’ll either have vanished or be behind you (I think that’s how he keeps getting to those places), and of course he has something to counteract his climbing skills, he is clumsy when not climbing, stumbling, tripping, falling down, bumping into/knocking down items or just plain walking into something. Amazing shot with any ranged weapon, if fighting close range will generally fight dirty, in the terms, he’ll try to incapacitate his enemy(s) long enough to run away such as by throwing heavy items at them, hitting a weak point or just doing something cheap to stun/blind them, not a big sports fan (the main ones like basketball and such) will play them though, only being a guard in soccer, but does like golf, likes video games, mainly first person shooters, some horror games and Minecraft (my fault on that one), will steal your electronics to play them or watch them on YouTube, so if your stuff is missing he probably has it, prosthetic leg sometimes glitch out, not being able to mover, greatly slowing him down, his stamina isn’t the best but only while running, everything else his stamina acts fine with, dislikes getting wet and humidity, argues with his other personality over stuff such as attacking a certain someone, stealing an item, all sorts of stuff, a lot, and he is also right handed, which is kinda difficult with his claws sometimes but he is surprisingly gentle when doing something such as shaking hands or holding a delicate item.

Second personality’s traits: Can take control easily enough (still a bit difficult though, also easily compared to other beings that share bodies with two seperate ones) vocal control that is, he can talk to others when not in full body control , Kelratz allows him to as long as he’s not being to rude which if he is Kelratz’ll “ground” him for a bit, for him to get full body control you usually just have to knock Kelratz out or make him angry, which is easier said then done because it’s hard to make him angry other than by threatening his friends which then makes him attack you, or sometimes he’ll let Nekrat have control, why he even lets Nekrat have as much control as he does is because as he says “he doesn’t want to ruin all of his fun”, luckily Kelratz usually gets control back before anybody geta seriously hurt, will eventually betray anyone he teams up with, hates getting dirty, will clean himself off as fast as he can when he is, is a terrible villain because all his “prisoners/victims” escape while he gloats and brags, which takes forever for him to quit, prefers to use a sword than a gun/ranged weapon, unless the ranged weapon is destructive such as a bazooka, loves to fight but is a sore loser, over anything, may fight bravely but becomes cowardly if he might die or lose, for some reason is much stronger than Kelratz, but slower, less able to dodge and more likely to rush in and take everything that’s thrown at him rarely even attempting to dodge, despite being evil and a bit annoying he isn’t that bad though.
Nekrat is also a master of running away, he always has some backup plan or other that’ll allow him (and usually only him) to escape from a bad situation such as a backfired plan or some of his previous victim wanting revenge (that combined with Kelratz’s possible teleportation, climbing skills and willingness to allow Nekrat to have fun (as long as know one gets to hurt) makes him extremely irritating sometimes for a creator (seeing as how it’s almost impossible to ground him from his gadgets and such (I should know, he keeps stealing back a grappling hook gun he made!)

Kelratz’s speech is… but each letter is this color…
(Easier to use and works for him.)

Nekrat 's speech is… in dark dark purple

(Sorry about this update, just noticed I forgot some stuff.)

Final update, realized this wasn’t in it.

summary of characters:
so essentially Kelratz is a shiny obsessed crazy person, with possible teleportation powers, who despite being able to lift things way, way heavier than him can barely do anything when punching, kinda like Steve from mc if you think about it, he can lift like the Giza pyramid or something like that but he only does a half a heart of damage when punching.
While Nekrat is a more mentally stable version, only being much more evil, pompous and stronger but for that he has to sacrifice much of his lifting power, still being able to lift quite heavy objects but nowhere near as heavy as Kelratz.
so there you go, lil basic summary for those of you who are to lazy to fully read it or just don’t want to.

Also little tidbit I almost forgot, while Kerlatz is used to Nekrat he understands that it’s “off putting” to others to know he has an evil split personality, so when meeting others he won’t outright say anything about Nekrat, he tends to let others get to know him first before they find out about Nekrat on their own, which can take a few days sometimes, all dependent on what situations arise.
(sorry for all of these late updates)

Also each of them have their own abilities and such which the other cant use.
Nekrat is stronger but has less lifting power, a better fighter, amazing with coming up with plans and more sane, while Kelratz can climb anything, possibly teleport, better with mildly dirty tactics while fighting and is partially insane, both of them are good at making gadgets and weapons though.

No armour

Prosthetic leg build

"Falcon punch!"

Kelratz showing off how he uses his flame booster to power up his punches (I showed him smash bros and now he says "Falcon punch! Whenever he does this,.)

"I told you not to hurt my friends."

As told you he does get quite serious when holding a gun.

Custom weapon

As said he’s an amazing weapons maker.
Kelratz showing off his Tesla photon beam cannon (he named it , made it and almost fried a couple of my other mocs with it. I had to take it from him, almost hit me too!)

Tesla photon bombardment cannon
(I.e. Putting words to make cool name)

I leave Kelratz alone with my assorted bionicle parts for an hour and come back to this, why me?!
Continuing on, this is a very dangerous, very powerful, very destructive energy cannon created by Kelratz after I let him have free range with my parts for a bit. It’s energy blasts come out as a large beam of what appears to be electricity and some other energy, which is formed within the cannon, which keeps the energy in a stable beam form and upping its physical destructive power. Luckily it only has three shots and you have to wait 10-20 minutes or risk it exploding and it takes an hour to fully recharge for all the shots at the recharge dock he also built (I will be showing it later) I should know how destructive it is! He almost fried Tekan and a couple others then almost got me because he hadn’t realized how much of a kick the shots had. I had to “ground” him from it essentially, I’m still keeping it until I either can build a dampener for it or he can finally use it properly.

Scrap arms

Just Kelratz showing off some scrap arms he made. Also I have a question, which of the lightings do you prefer?

I’ve already gotten some stuff for the lightings but any comments are nice!

This is the creator of mini mayhems and their comic, check it out, it’s fun!

Also here the contest/entry sheet!

Check out what others have made so far and what he thinks of them! Also any of you with deviantart accounts who are interested in this join in (and now I’ve made myself worried that there’ll be so many fan mm’s that it will become an actual contest now).

Also here’s the instructions for those who are wondering how to build them.

Along with what he’s built and thinks of the built ones so far!




I like the leg good job

What is it with you and super long bios :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I like the MOC, my favorite part is the upper torso bit.

@Toa_Hedron6 Thanks! I only had the peice for one of his feet so I had to design another leg that matched the height, originally it was just gonna be something that could be replaced for Toalittleboehn but I ended up developing it in such a way that it had to be kept because of its awesomeness!

@PotatoAlien Thanks, the upper torso bit is fun, and really his entire chaotic build is what inspired his backstory/description,
For the long descriptions, I have no idea I just really like developing some cool backstory and such for even my crappiest Mocs.

@PotatoAlien That’s ok. It is true though! XD

@Xing1870 @HewksDKowlihad obviously both of you didn’t read his description or check out the entry/contest thing he was made for.
His head is one of the specifications of it for the characters.
His armour design was actually in accident, I was just sticking peices on to see what it would look like and came out with this, I was going to change it but then his description popped into my head and his design worked for it, and yes I know he’s extremly hodgepodge and such, but that actually was from lack of parts at the time.

@Square Ever heard of mini mayhems? If so that’s what he reminds you of if not then I have no idea but I want to know!
Yeah I know but his description makes up for it for me!

lol I’m just messing around

Lacks consistent color scheme, poor integration of ccbs and bionicle, and overused head design.

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I swear, this moc reminds me of something.

Theirs not very much interesting design choice for me and the mix-mass of parts just didn’t executed well-

i know lack of parts exists but even that isn’t an excuse to how hodge-podged this is.

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