Keltor The Mage

NAME: Keltor
SPECIES: Skull Creature
ELEMENTS: Plantlife
MASK POWER: Prevents him from remaining dead
WEAPONS: Magic Staff, Hook Blade
MOC STATUS: Assembled
STORY: Once a young and dumb Apprentice to a great and powerful wizard,Keltor lucked out when his instructor mispronounced one of his incantations and was promptly vaporized. Keltor was left with An entire tower filled with magic items and tools. grabbing as many trinkets as he could, Keltor, with a desire to become as great a wizard as his late instructor, set off into the world. know mind you, great wizards spend years under an instructor learning the craft, and spend several years after that meditating to clear their minds of any distractions, to dedicate themselves to the craft. Long story short, Keltor attempted to cast a spell that would drain the life force of his opponent. The spell backfired killing Keltor instantly This would have been the end of the story if not for Makuta's conquest of Okoto involving bringing the dead back as cannon fodder. Upon his second "life" Keltor decided to re-pursue the very craft that killed him in the first place. Traveling back to his old teacher's tower, Keltor made an effort to learn magic before trying to use it, and with his head clear of anything (you know, cause he's been dead for 20 odd years) , Keltor became a proficient wielder of the jungle element, as well as a decent healer, and wizard. With the whole Skeletons attacking the capital and trying to kill the Toa/drain their masks/destroy the mask of creation shtick, Keltor was imprisoned in the deep-water prison, located in the region of water, known only as the Pit.

(His staff's head)

(with the "petals" opened)

With the other unlikely hereos. (I really need to come up with a better name for the group)

(His back)

(Alt masks)

(With his Hook Blade)

(Redek) It's not magic, its just science I don't understand!
(Keltor) If you don't understand it, how do you know if it's magic or not?
(Redek) Because there is no such thing as magic!
(Keltor) Then how am I not dead?

(Traykar) Hey guys, whats sup?
(Redek) Magic is science!
(Keltor) Magic is Magic!
(Traykar) You guys are weird.


I feel like you should stick to only one shade of silver, either Gunmetal, or normal silver. Other than that, looks great!


I like that weapon.

@Mrblackpants i'll take that into consideration When I revamp it. Thanks for the comment!

@Novel Thanks! glad you like it!

Something about the proportions was bothering me but I couldn't place it, then it hit me, the shoulders are slightly too wide, which makes the arms look too short.

so should I make the arms longer?

I love it I love it.

That staff just makes it for me.

thanks m8!

If you can make the shoulders a bit narrower that would be better, but you could possibly force perspective by making the arms slightly longer.

I'll try to keep that in mind when I revamp it.

I wurk alnoe

Pretty nifty, but the upper legs a bit basic. I can see why they're like that, though. CCBS legs are hard :confused:


Agreed. CCBS limbs are hard to make unique.

Could use a few less colors, but really good buildwise.

Thanks! I'll turn the colors down a bit when I revamp it.

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