Keravnos' MOC Topic

Hello, fellow users of the Message Boards and dwellers of the Lego Creations category, and I figured it’s about time that I get around to making one of these MOC topics, so yeah! First order of business, link to my Self-MOC is here. Second order of business, the first MOC to officially be posted here is not actually my own, but my IRL friends, known as Pyro. Said friend built Pyro as the juggernaut of our group, and don’t worry, he gave me permission to post his self MOC!

So there’s the first of me and my friends MOCs, the next one will most likely be Aquis, but first I need to revamp her, so feminine Technic build suggestions are appreciated! Until then!


The legs are not proportioned good with the rest of the build.


I’ll be sure to tell said friend that!

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Upper is great :thumbsup: the lower needs some work.


I don’t mean to insult your friend, but this is, not good.
I like the idea, but this really doesn’t pull it off.

so, I like the mask choice, but the rest of the moc needs more gold.
I like the weapons.

and now for what I don’t like,
the shoulder armor is gappy and doesn’t really cover much,
the legs are incredibly spindly compared to the upper body, and also look like 4 legs with 2 feet,
the two armor pieces on the chest are oddly placed, and seem unnecessary,
those arms need to be scrapped, they’re way too long, gappy, and overall just really unpleasant to look at.

I can see this being a good moc, it just needs to be rebuilt.
currently it get’s a 3/10 from me.

Quick Review:

  • The chest armor is a bit wanky
  • Weapons seem rushed
  • Legs are puny
  • Arms seem a bit long
  • Silver on top of arms doesn’t follow the color scheme

I would give it a 4/10.

Not to offend you or your friend, but the MOC is pretty scattered. With a little work, though, it could go far. :blush:

Honestly you’re not offending me or him. A lot of these critiques are things that I’m gonna tell him, so yeah. It’s not my MOC, and he’s a hell of a tough guy. EDIT: I posted his first cause I don’t have any ready yet…


This guy really needs to stop skipping leg day and hit the gym!


The Hau on his back looks out of place and he is very clunky. and the Kanohi Olmac is just Weird on him because their is not enough gold on the front. my idea use a Red Mask for his face and use the metru head

Well your Avatar Picture Needs to Skip Arm Day @Oniwah


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Double post, reply to two people with the @ sign. As for the Hau, it’s not on his back, my friend attached it by a golden chain.

Double post because why not, I don’t post MOCs frequently enough, so if you Mods would do the honors of closing this down?

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Sure thing bro

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