Keravnos: Toa of Energy

Alright, sorry about the last accidental post... frowning Anyways, You guys have the Bio of Keravnos, here are the Pics!

Alright guys, if there are any questions, comments, or tips, feel free to post!


So um this should probably be in Lego creations...

Sorry I'm not really sure what I'm doing.

It's ok smile now you no.

I'm going to go ahead and post the bio here:
Name: Toa Keravnos
Element: Nova Light (supercharged lightning)
Equipment: Rocket boots, wrist guns, The Equilibrium (sword)
Mask: Kanohi Fasi, the Mask of Phasing
Official titles: Knight of Creation, Sentinel of Order

It's a giant Ekimu!
Awesome use of the Stars armor piece as a mask. Really like the design for the sword. Also like how you put trans-light blue and yellow studs all over his armor.
Gold chain belt is cool.
He has jet-ankles.
Really nice!


Thanks! You guys just ask if you want to see any more MOCS. None of them are as good as this though. A lot of the others are kind of basic.

That tiny head...I like the color scheme, but I don't like the use of those armor pieces on the arms, could've been better on the sides of the arms imo.

I like the overall look. Some of the exposed gears and Technic parts is a bit odd, but as someone who over-details a lot of the time, it doesn't really bother me all that much, since he's not necessarily gappy. Little details like the chain on the torso are also pretty cool, as well as the sword design. If I had to make any complaints, it's that the thighs look a little small in comparison to the rest of the legs, especially the shins. Hopefully, this issue might be resolved once you fix his balance issues. Overall, he certainly looks okay stability-wise. Also, and this is more personal preference, using the armor piece as a mask is creative, but looks a bit odd to me. I don't know, maybe it's the lack of distinguishable eyes.

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All i can say is that its interesting!

Great work! the only thing I can critique is the back of the legs, but I can see how those double pistons are necessary. I like you're use of studs to breakup the silver on those takanuva chest plates.

In a good way or a bad way?

Yeah, the mask is kind of like a Metru mask. You can see the eyes if you look at it a certain way.

Double post - fixed by Scarilian

The upper legs look very skinny in comparison to the torso (especially those wide shoulders). I absolutely love all those tiny details though. It's not something I see very often in BIO-MOCs.

First of all, this MOC is big, but not all that great. The armor is sloppy, the colors are decent but generic, the head is very weird, the torso is cluttered, and such. You'd be much better off making a normal sized character and just giving it normal armor instead of what you have now.

Second of all,

@Mesonak, can we confirm this?

I can't tell if you're trying to give constructive criticism, or if you're just being downright rude.

I'm trying to give constructive criticism. I'm also being honest in what I think of this MOC.

Ok, it just didn't sound nice the way you put it. Sorry for the mix up.

This is just a notification for anyone that cares, I'm not going to be posting anymore MOCs. I've scrapped all my old ones and I won't be making any new ones. I just can't make anything that's worth your time, so see you guys around.

I suppose it's your decision to post MOCs on the Boards, but I wouldn't stop because of some harsh criticism. (JTLYK, Ekorak and @Hawkflight are just about the harshest critics on here, they find fault in nearly everything. wink)

Pertaining to the MOC, I think it's a rather interesting build. Like legomaster said, the tiny details add a lot to the the build, even though I'm not a fan of those large armor plates on the arms.


Yeah, the armor plates were the only thing I could find to give sufficient arm and leg coverage.

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