Kevau, Matoran Version

I know it's a bit too tall to be a matoran, but I just don't care in this world anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, this is Kevau. More specifically, the matoran version of an important character in my storyline. I have more info on him soon to be released (Due to school, etc.)



More content will come soon.

I've been extremely busy for like the past three or four months or so.


PS I have no idea why the bottom two pics are stretched. The top one came out perfectly fine. Hm...

EDIT: Sometimes they came out fine, sometimes they didn't. Strange...


Looks pretty cool! I LOVE the torso design.

simple and nice

I love the way this thing looks, the color work, the build works really good! Can i use this in one of my Matoran i plan on doing in the future.
please allow me to GIF you.

@GIF.Man.Ben Like, you want to build your own version of it or do you plan on using it in your storyline. Either way, thank you!

I plan on making my own vision to put in my story line.

Nice amount of armour coverage
Love the color scheme


No, but seriously. Cool design, awesome colour scheme, love, love, love. :smile:

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