Keyforge Customs: user; [Wolk] + USSR

A few more keyforge customs!

Our first, by special request is @Wolk!

He features a very double edged ability. It can work beautifully, or backfire massively!

Next is one of the 3 factions of the Command & Conquer Red Alert universe, it’s the USSR!

The main goal for the USSR is to swarm them with creatures, mainly conscripts. They feature several creatures that allow you to maneuver your conscripts for maximum effectiveness. There are several creatures that can dominate anything the conscripts can’t take out. The Barracks allow you to get a trio of Conscripts on the field. The Super Reactor can boost the conscript’s effectiveness to new heights, but beware, you enemy gets the bonus too!

If you want to know more about keyforge, and if it’s the kind of game for you, take a look at this trio of videos.

Also, if for any reason you want a copy of an indvidual card, I’ll be happy to give it to you.

Well, Thanks for looking! Crits and comments are always appreciated, and requests are welcome!



That’ll be 37$.