Khaosa, embodiment of chaos v5 (I think.)

I’ve been watching an assortment of mecha / robot anime recently and decided to update my self moc to have more or less a gundam / anime design of the original. Heavily inspired by the cockpitless design armored suit / general armor.

The moc itself hasn’t changed much with only some cosmetic limb changes and a redesigned torso.

And becuase my other Japanese robots are boxed right now all I have for comparison is a candy model of Zyouh the world.


Looks cool but i kinda liked the previous version better, cause with V5 looks more blocky that V4 so the curved wings dont really fit the Moc all that much now.

I guess she could be more of a mecha cyborg now since I don’t have anything else that could really replace her wings without affecting balance. I mostly modified her limbs so she has thrusters for the mecha theme. I think my specific inspiration was infinite stratos type mechs with the pilots torso visible and stuff attached.

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Really reminds me of Ji’nara from Starcraft II. At least in the face.

Not gonna lie.

Just saying.

Anyway the MOC is pretty alright, I guess. It reminds me a lot of MOCpages MOCs, which is a good thing or a bad thing depending on who are you are.

I do really like the lower arms, though. They could use some streamlining but it’s a great start.

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