Khaosa, embodiment of chaos v6

The mech design for v5 didn’t quite work for me so I redesigned her.

(Insert transformers theme here)

Dragon form


im getting a huge rid megs vibe from that dragon mide

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Great work man. I’m a sucker for mocs that can transform. The robot mode is friggen perfect, and the dragon mode is great!

i honestly prefer the old mask on this guy.

Not a fan of the new mask, the rest of its pretty cool and the function is fantastic, nice use of legs for 2 heads too.

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Switched out her custom for the Kirop mask

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I get that it’s a part of the transformation in a way, but the feet/lower legs should probably be smaller than the thighs, for feminine proportions. However, although it admittedly makes her quite cluttered…the transformation feature is a nice touch. I just wish it only had one head.

Or one more. Because three heads are better than two.

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Meh. I like the other one better.

looks better.

i think it was the mouth pf the modded olmak that threw me off.

I quite like it, especially the transformation feature.

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This is cool looking, the transformation really adds to it, to.

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but don’t dragons stand on all fours so this technically it’s a Wyvern

I just ruined it for everyone didn’t I

But most wyvers only have one head.

Not really. dragon or wyvern, its still awesome.

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Nice MOC man. A little haphazardly build, over all I like it.

Now can we take this wyverns are dragons too thing to a PM? And can I can I get invited?