Khodaris Mantis (rahi moc)

A rahi found in deep jungle canopies, one of the few know predators of the visorak spider,
this rahi is a challenge to even some of the toughest toa,
It has the ability to fly short distances, thermal vision, and it’s forelegs can tear a makuta’s armour to shreds,
when a matoran goes missing in a le-region of the MU it is assumed to be caused by the khodaris.


(my self-moc is the only matoran I have atm, don’t worry, he’s still alive.)


and one more that isn’t “canon” but was too awesome to leave out.

so, what do you think?


I actually think it’s kinda cool looking. Coherent colors and all are nice, and the face is quite bug-like.

Pretty cool. It has a good between realism and fiction. Whereas sometimes I feel bug rahi look too well unrealistic

Somehow… I feel it’s related to sidorak somehow…step child several times removed and mutated?

@TheJMPofArcadia Well, i can tell ya that i have nothing to do with this creature! … of course

Also, cool moc, i can imagine it being in the depths of Onu-Koro waitin for prey :smiley:

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thank you,

and my suspicions were correct,
nobody reads the text of moc posts.
except me.

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@Payinku Well, blame the text size xD
I’ve read it BTW… Now

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Absolutely specctacular! One of the best Rahi MOCs I’ve seen! Very good work, @Payinku


I think that it would jump distances, not fly.