Khrav [Toa Lucrum]

Khrav, Toa Lucrum of Iron.
Aka: The Beast.

Khrav is a half toa-half rahi creature.

Earlier in his life, he was imprisoned in a circus and shown off to matoran.

When Vectra raided the circus, she released Khrav.

He ended up following her, and joining the Toa Lucrum.

The armor he wears was given to him when he joined the team.

He is the strongest of the team, able to rip through metal.

Despite being a toa of iron, he has no elemental abilities other than his strength.

Let me know what you think.


So a Hordika?

Looks pretty good. The sides of the thighs suffer from the same gappiness as Hydraxon though.


Dude needs an orthodontist.

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I knew its design looked quite familiar…


I really like the design of the head.

Very clever…

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I must agree, It does look like a deathclaw