Kiala Elemitrix of Ice / Skalo Creature of Ice

Name: Kiala

Element: Ice

Team: Peacekeeper

Backstory: Kiala is the team’s wisest and most peaceful member. Kaila was in the woods taking notes of the woods and it’s creatures.Until she stumbled on to the ruins. In the ruins she met mere strangers there were out bursts of questions like “Who are you,” or “What are you doing here.” Until she found a glowing orb and Ronon touched it everything went black.When they woke up they were greeted by wonderful looking creatures, which would help them get a hold of their new found powers. For years the fought against forces of pure evil. After their job was done they went in to Sleeper Pods, a waiting for when they were needed again.

Name: Skalo

Element: Ice

Base: Snake

Master: Kiala

Backstory: The orb which gave Kiala her powers also created Skalo who is suppose to help when ever she needs it.


Not bad. Definitely better than the first one, though the neck is still a little weird. Though, again, not as bad as the first one.

I love that weapon! Like, I really really dig it! So simple, yet so cool looking (partly due to your nice posing). The snake is simple but effective and I like your “ice” letters up top. In addition, the fur tufts on the shoulders help to give her the “ice character” look.

A few critiques:

  • The neck feels a bit too long. How about using a standard TECHNIC balljoint mounted on a small axle?

  • The black used on the upper limbs contrasts a bit too much with the rest of the colours. Got any trans-blue/grey bone pieces you could use instead?

  • I admire your use of a custom torso. However, the shaping could use some refinement. Try to attach some more curved, flowing shaped pieces to the front and back of her torso in order to make the figure feel more cohesive.

  • Got any smaller feet? The current clown-shoe feet look a bit too big for a figure of her stature.

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So you could say that you think its really cool?

Dang it.

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I like the color scheme, cool little series you have going.

Like the color scheme and the snake, but Kiala’s neck could be improved.