Kiawha - The Hunter

Kiawha- The Hunter

This build was for a collab with some friends on instagram, our challenge was to make a matoran villager Moc with no more than 100 pieces, this is my entry into that.
Villager piece count: 88
Additional gear: 120

Kiawha enjoys a solitary life on the outskirts of the village, often heading into the forests to hunt small game to bring back to the village market. Due to his armour colouring, Kiawha has learnt how to move silently, often alarming others when he pops up behind them mid conversation.

Honestly the best thing about this moc in my opinion is the design, for a while I was struggling to come up with a Matoran/Villager build or frame and now I think I’ve got one, it’s quite customisation and allows for a lot of gear attachments. With very little modification, Kiawha has a quiver and knife attached to his back, this is on top of having an in-built backpack. I think I’ll be using this build a lot in future Matoran designs.

The artwork included is not mine, it is for Fable Legends by Billy Wimblett. Please check out his artstation for more cool images.

Comments and criticism are welcome as always! :smiley:


I really like the functional bow design.
The colors feel rather bland, perhaps some more light grey could spice it up while still maintaining the idea of stealthy colours.


The weapons having more parts that the villager is pretty funny! Great design too! 9/10

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The weapons and villager are included in the total, so the villager is 88 pieces and the weapons are 32, combined they’re a total 120.

@Racie02 I was basing it off Ko-matoran colours, whites and greys, I didn’t want to add anything like light blues as I felt they didn’t fit with the idea I was going for.

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