Kibo, The Storyteller


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Here with some guy…

Here with my W.I.P. Batmoble

Here with he’s Father, Emiku

Here with the 2016 Upgrade Protectors

“In A mind peace.”

BIO: A long time in Okoto, there been many stories to be tales by The Storyteller, Kibo but he like to be called “Takua” by his friends. As the son of Ekimu, The Mask Maker he been leaning everything about making mask,but he never got things rights so Emiku encourage he’s son at storytelling to the young Villagers of the island. Until that fateful day with he been leaning news about the Battle between his father and Uncle,Makuta that also cause a shock wave around the island. So it’s makes him go to The Temple of Time, there he protects it for Makuta’s Monstrous Shadows like the Skull Creatures until the coming of The Mighty Toa to free the Island and saved he’s father. Now since he returns to the Ancient City of The Mask Makers to tell new stories once again to a New Generation of Young Villagers.


Its good


Pretty nifty.

I was going to say it looked too much like Emimu, but:

I think him being Ekimu’s son is a really cool idea! I like it! :smile:



Thank You and a lot.

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Nice, maybe thin him down a bit, but eh.

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Pretty good moc. Well done.

What is this supposed to mean?