Kikkanlo Mech Updated/2-Year MOCiversary

So, It’s my 2 year mociversary (are those still a thing?) and my first online Moc 2 years ago was the kikkanalo mech here on the message boards. It was really terrible. Back then the kikkanalo mech barely shared any design aspects with an actual kikkanalo, and at it’s core it was just a standard CCBS build. Since then, it’s been almost entirely rebuilt and nobody on the boards has seen it yet, so I figured this would be the appropriate time to post it. Anyway, here it is.

Oh, and the matoran inside is Onipa, who is my self moc. His matoran form is just a design stolen from ibionicle though.


Nice! Happy Mociversary!
Can we have a look at Onipa out of the mech?

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Thanks. Here’s Onipa outside of the mech (with his jetpack, because that’s the only picture I have of him in matoran form right now).

And here’s Onipa in toa form


I can definitely see the “inspiration” from ibionicle.