Kilgx, "Last of the Programmers"

Recently, this being was found deep inside it ruins of the capital of the Programmer's society. He calls himself Kilgx, and claims to be the last of the Programmers. There is a possibility he may be lying, but one thing's for certain: he is VERY old. In fact, his eyes have been replaced by six artificial photoreceptors, and has a rebreather strapped to his face. Three of his arms have also been replaced with prosthetics.

How he survived so long? No one is certain how. The working theory is that he slowly replaces his organic tissue with cybernetics to expand his lifetime. Touching artificial object with his staff gives him mental blueprints on how to build said object. If needing to fight, he may also use is staff, and, if things get rather hairy, could strike multiple times with his three prosthetic claws.

Though we may not believe his claim of being the last Programmer, he is definitely one of their species, who went extinct thousands of years ago. He knows quite a bit about their society, which will undoubtedly help archaeologists back on Delvaa (at least, once we get him better life-support systems).

(I had fun toying around with the rather limited good ol' G1 Bonkle system in LDD, Thoughts?)


Those bonkle pieces though!

i would use some pieces to cover up the hips down there

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So this is what Kahi becomes in the Years of Applego's Past? stuck_out_tongue