Killed In Coal Blood - a Minecraft mini-motion

Here is my new animation! This is my first time using something other than Lego, so this was a challenge for me, as I was also having to using blu tack (which I don't really like using). In the end, I think I did a fairly alright job with this one.
I am also trying out new lighting, as my previous videos have been a bit sore on the eyes. I'll get it to look nice eventually. I think the next piece of equipment to get is a camera that isn't from 2006.



Pretty impress I have to say - fairly smooth animation and a fun little story. Only minor suggestion for improvement would be a slightly dark frame around 0:30 when he is passing him the flower, just made a little lighting change that I spotted.

Other than that it has very accurate figures and set, hope to see more smile

Oh, and subscribed stuck_out_tongue

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Yes, I should've done something about that frowning I shall make sure there aren't any dark frames in the future

great as always wink

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I really liked this. Cool idea, good execution.


Its alright, just constructive criticism I guess - not intended to put you down as the rest of the animation looks amazing :3

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