Kine and Blazer Stealth, The crazed duo(old pics)


"Let's Do dis!" "Yeah man! Let's kick their butts!" -Kine and Blazer

Friends of JMP and his team, they were an Elite team, Kine with an assault riffle(bayonette attachment and silencer) and electro whips, while Blazer was a ladies man, stealth expert and deadly assassin...until you learn they're goofs that mind minor things and just love fun. They don't actually work with JMP and Vent much, opting for them to stay around their base and goof off. It's unknown what species they actually are, but these two are deffinately not related...


Kine: Brash, crazy, risky and random, he is a tornado of fun and security. Often cursing and loving many fun games like LoL and others. He really loves his weapons, hamsters, cheese, chocolates, bananas, and chaos. He tends to be well mannered at times though

Blazer: A lady-loving, true Otaku, Blazer is a serious ninjitsu fanatic and a fine assassin. He takes a liking to JMP due to some similarities He is often up-front and boastful like Kine, but is calmer unless anime girls are involved...

Yes yes, they're random and they're self mocs of my best friends. They're not that cool or good. They're basicly just there to add more characters.


-my best friends
-Mortal Kombat Ninjas
-CoD soldiers




Kine's Weapons:

Arm cannon
Power Tonfa: Modified tonfa blade that throws anything that hits the blade hard or sends the user flying if they hit the ground with it
electrowhip: Modified 'tentacle' that shocks people. has razor edge
Modified Assault Rifle: Extremely powerful weapon, with bayonette and silencer attachments





You may wanna put on the second piece of leg armor on Blazer.


They're a bit too skinny (especially the legs). I love the use of that Raanu mask though.