Kingdom Hearts

Anybody else here a fan of this series? Excited for upcoming titles? Share your thoughts...

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Absolutely love this series. The first game is still one of my favorite games I have had the privilege to play, it was truly a masterpiece. I'm not the biggest fan of the action direction the series has taken, but I've enjoyed every single game in the series thus far.

It is bit convoluted though, in a similar vain to Bionicle, and I wish the story was a bit more confined and structured, but I love the dark fantasy tones the series has.

Very excited for Kingdom Hearts 3!

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never knew you liked kingdom hearts, but personally I loved the 2nd one almost as much as the first one and thought RE:coded was useless in terms of story

Glad to see other people here like the series. I own almost all of the games, but have actually only beat the main numbered entries, both of which are absolutely fantastic. I recently pre-ordered the 2.5 HD ReMix, though. Hopefully that will move to finish Re: Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days.

Kingdom Hearts is the !@#$.
However, I've only played one and two. Passed both of them too.

I wish more people replied to this topic :C

Me too...
Discussion topic to reinvigorate forum: Which games in the series have you played and do you have a favorite?

oo I like that
despite being such a large fan of the series the only games I have played are the first, chain of memories, the two, and birth by sleep
the second has to be my fav so far tho, I loved organization 13, and the roxas character

I, too, have a pretty skimpy reputation here. I've played the I, II, 358/2 Days, and Re:Chain of Memories, but have only beat I and II. II is my favorite; I feel like it took everything good about the first game and made it better. I really liked Organization and the tiny flashbacks of Roxas (hooked me for 368/2 Days, obviously) and showed the amazing character that is Axel. And that final boss... wow. Fighting with Riku felt so good. I can't wait to do it all again in HD in December.

ah I cant wait for 2.5 remix, I get to play bbs on a console, and I get to play the 2 again
I also get to listen to all the remastered music
thats a plus

This is one of my favorite game series even though I've only played 1 and 2. The only thing I don't like about it is how many consoles they released the series over. I can always just watch let's plays though.

It would be cool if Okoto was in KH3. It is a very unlikely crossover, but it is still cool to think about it.

If I remember correctly, I think I've joked about KH crossing over with bionicle on my Xehanort RP account on twitter.

I recall it being mentioned in a BS01 movie commentary that Miramax, a company that helped make the original three Bionicle movies, supposedly had some connection with Disney and how cool it would have been to have seen Bionicle in KH. I must agree that that would be... pretty much the best thing ever.

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T'would be awesome to have bionicle in kh

I mean

a team up with tahu and kopaka to rek some skull heartless

who wouldn't want that?

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I turned on my ps2 for the first time since '11/'12 and popped in KH2.
I almost cried when I heard the menu music.


Liek dis if u cri evry teim.

For real though, KH2 has some of the best soundtracks eva.

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tfw you hear the twilight town music

And they have been made (for the most part) even better in 2.5
Speaking of 2.5
I got that a week or two ago


So Kingdom Hearts 3 anyone?


Everything about that trailer made me hype

Something about eraqus being a child is throwing me off though

I mean
Look at him

Also, Unchained chi


as for the gameplay shown
Flowmotion looks like its returned, and the keyblade transformations look pretty swell, the new costume is really awesome, and the disney ride summons look absolutely amazing

Also, the rock monster guy boss
That looks pretty freaking awesome, for a non final boss

Also, tangled as a new world is awesome, I loved tangled

Another thing, the world looks huge

What are everybody elses opinions?


I'm super hyped. Just need to get a next gen console...
Also, outside of the trailer they confirmed that Kuzco from Emeror's New Groove, Kida from Atlantis, and Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet will all make appearances.