Kirovan The Wandering Warrior (Self-Moc)


So this is Kirovan ( I hope nobody is already using that name) my first self moc. I started working on this after I watched “The Last of the Mohicans” so I wanted a moc that was reflective of Native American culture and my Chickasaw heritage (how well I did it remains to be seen).

His main weapon is designed after a Native American weapon called a “gunstock war club”

Let me know what you liked and what could be improved, thanks for taking a look!


He looks pretty good so far, but I can’t see him too well. Can you post some more pics showing off the build? I’d love to see it!

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This looks great! The color scheme is really chaotic, but thats a good thing. It really does capture that Indian look. Also, nice cloth work.



Sure thing!

I might be committing Lego heresy, that cloth I used is from a Mega Blocks Narnia set. Lol

It helps a lot to fill in the gaps.


There were Narnia Megablocks? And it isn’t heresy in my book. My rule is that if it looks good, slap it on.


There was a grand total of 3 sets that came out and they all sucked.

That cloth on there is what I used.

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well there’s a Star wars character, and a WOW character with it

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Really like the shaping

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