Kiva's Art Topic (2018 Revitalised)

Oof I’ve not been here in so long, my sincerest apologies, life, lethargy, all that kinda gets in the way, but I have some art WIPs and stuff to share:

First up is my fursona WIP, which I’ll hopefully finish here soon, been waiting to finish it and other stuff cause I have a 4-day con like, starting Thursday:

I also have a WIP of a Kamen Rider OC I created back in like, 2015 that I’m finally doing something with:

I have a very meh WIP of the character Kiva from Kamen Rider:

Klonoa WIP:

A finalised image for a friend of their OC

Some sketches of Bumblebee from the upcoming Bumblebee movie based from the few leaks that’ve occurred

A sketch from playing way too much Doom that I’m very proud of:

A little doodle of Stitch from the band Mushroomhead because I love them:

A finalised piece for one of my friends:

Also some Kamen Rider OOO doodles:

And finally, a question, what are the rules here on gore?


I would assume no gore, as the rules state that you should keep the content you post child-friendly.

I really like this art, and the sectchy and detailed style you have. Keep up the good work!


Ahhhhh darn, I had a piece of Kamen Rider Genm fan-art I really wanted to share, but it’s kinda gory, cause he gets cut up a lot in the show and I wanted to have more than just the black/purple smoke coming outta his wounds. >< It’s still on my DeviantArt tho. :confused:

Anyway aaaahhhh thank you so much!! I’m trying to improve. :sweat_smile: Though I’ll admit I have gotten a bit too used to digital cause I’m trying to draw Ankh from Kamen Rider OOO traditionally and it’s been such a pain. ;w;

Oh, and I did forget another WIP that’s proved somewhat tedious to work on just due to the nature and intricacies of the costumes, but I did draw some fan art of the metal band Ghost, but due to them having upside-down crosses and such religious imagery Imma play it safe and leave those for my DA and Tumblr. :sweat_smile:

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ecstatic screeching

i’m liking it for that alone


Lol, I take it you like Mushroomhead? x3 Been a fan myself since I was a wee one, 6 years old at the youngest. :stuck_out_tongue: Lol, I love their new masks/helmets tho like omg they’re so gorgeous

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i don’t actively listen to them, but their drummer is a god from the heavens i swear

my dad, being a huge metalhead, listened to qwerty a lot in the car and some other stuff of theirs, and yeah the masks are awesome


Here’s some of my newest sketches btw:

EDIT: I also forgot some photography of some sets my buddy sent me:

(Apologies that for some reason the images are really weirdly compressed or are in the wrong orientation, just click and view the pic and it should be fine, not too sure what’s going on there and I deeply apologise)


Sorry for being gone for so long (again) but I have some sketches. :3

I updated my Fursona:

I also got a sketch of him I’m working on:

( ■■■■■ is based on this:)

I also got started on making Chat Noir a Kamen Rider:

I also did a little dweeb from Transformers Cybertron:

And finally I have a new WIP for my friend Nuki, and I’m pretty proud of this base sketch:


Dude, these all look awesome!

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YOOOOOO thank you so much!! :3

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That looks really good

And the second picture looks really cute :3

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Btw, I wound up finishing that one piece:

Am also working on a sona for my gf:

Also there’s these Klonoas