Kiva's Art Topic

Yep, I decided to make a topic for my crappy little doodles. stuck_out_tongue
I'll just post some of the stuff I've doodled, sketched, painted or sculpted here.
Here's my first few things I've done (Some of them are for my art 3 class):

I Kinda don't like this one:

And I'll save the greatest one for last:


I like that Optimus +1

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot!
I sculpted a 2015 Mask of Water out of clay for Art 3:

Here it is being worn by me (Lol, it's been a good few days & I still haven't put any string through the holes in it so I can properly wear it. XD):

That, and there's this WIP Gali '01 painting I'm doing for the same class (Outdated photo, but I'll get a good pic on Monday):

@StudentScissorsLeaker Thanks! ^-^


Lovely work on that mask! you should make all the Toa masks!..if you want to that is..

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Why thank you! ^-^ I probably won't, though. Having just the Mask of Water is fine by me. That, and I had a hard enough time finding a spot for just the one mask to be displayed in my room. stuck_out_tongue

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lol! I know the feeling......looks in room Uhhhhh.....yeeeaaa......

XD Lol. I'm having trouble finding enough room for my TFs, which are currently packed away in my closet. stuck_out_tongue


Yup... looks at system Lego oh mata nui help me....I bearly have the room for my HF sets and MOCs!

@RaptorTalon19 Lol! XD

Oh yeah, I did a bit of a render of that TTV logo sketch I did(Well, I did the closest I could, I couldn't figure out how to do that banner in GIMP):


Nice one!

Thanks! ^-^

@helryx Thanks, I get that a lot. stuck_out_tongue

These are gr8 m8! You're really talented.

What's the first one a drawing of?
These are great! Way better than what I can draw! smiley

The first drawing is my rendition of the TTV Logo, the one after that is a doodle of Optimus Prime. stuck_out_tongue


he placed /s after the comment

term for sarcasm from tech experience meng

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Oh. XD I feel kinda stupid, now. stuck_out_tongue

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these are all pretty awesome

Thanks! ^-^

Love the cartoonish style on the logo.

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Yo, I got some progress done on that '01 Gali painting I'm doin':

What do you guys think?