Kiva's Rebooted Art Topic!

I LIVE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, apologies for not posting, had a lot of stuff going on. Depression, betrayal, heartbreak n' stuff. Y'know, the usual emo kid stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this is my revitalised art topic, I've drawn quite a bit since insert number of years here and I think I've improved my art style a bit since my last post. XD

Aight, enough babbling, here's some doodles!!

(One of my friends asked me to draw them)

(Btw, you may notice that some of these are very much in the same art style of AngusForDays. I'm attempting to imitate his style and study it, hoping that by doing this I can better my expressions and such. I adore his style, btw. c:)

Awesome drawings! (Earthworm Jim doe :smile: )

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Gali? Daft punk!? EARTHWORM JIM?!?

These are great! Although some do look....just over covered by lines but you draw nicely!


You've definitely have improved from the last time I've seen your drawings. :smiley:

I love you interpretation of the BIONICLE Gen 2 masks!

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Ehe, thanks. ^-^
Man it's good to be back. :smiley: Btw, I'll be adding more pics to the main post as I edit them and such. XP

Thank you!! c: Ye, a lot of these are sketches, and when I sketch I tend to do things like that. XD

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :astonished: Lol, that's a compliment I'm really glad to hear. c:

-waves hand in a "Oh stop, you" motion- :relaxed: Thanks, I love drawing 'em, so I'm glad to hear you like 'em


Did you just post the Gali uniter? You are a hero!

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ayy, see some crystal gems in there

also awesome art

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Heh, yeah. That's a WIP I'm doing for my art class. XD I need to get a more recent pic of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, loves me some SU. ^-^ Heh, thanks! c:


This is some good stuff right here! I ESPECIALLY like this one. I have no idea why. . . 😅

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Heh, thanks. ^-^ Ye, I like that one too, I think I got it pretty accurate to the original cartoon. XP

Btw, I'm sorry for the abysmal quality on some of these next few pics. It's 12 AM, everyone's asleep, and my scanner is very loud so I had to take the pics with my camera. :confused: Also, I'm gonna add the pics both on the master post, and in replies.***

New pics:

EDIT: Now I look back and realise I draw quite a bit of emo/goth Peridot. I also keep forgetting to give her freckles!! >.<


Abysmal? Ha! If you think the quality of these photos are bad, you should have seen how my old photos of my work used to look! (Well you can't. My iPod that had the photos was lost. So ya.)


wow, some of these bring back memories

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Lol, sounds awful. XP

Heh, thanks. ^-^

Wow @Gif.Man.Ben you're totally in this!
(Well when you were the hippy charizard that is)
25th picture

Welp, I'm confused.

I wish I could draw. Good job.

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Wait What?... where?...

Any way Groovy sketches man. Can't wait to see more.
Do you plan on uploading any before Monday?

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Wish I could draw like that. I'm in a predicament where I want to draw with more detail, but I'm stuck with a simple art style. Keep it up!

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This is fantastic.

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It was a joke cause one of the pieces had a guy saying "groovy"

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