Klara & Issabell Clark

another Legends of Mythron character well two, sisters should i say.

Klara Clark
age: 23
height: 6ft 3
professional sniper
White hair green eyes

Issabell Clark
age: 25
height: 5ft 7
shotgun wielding assassin
Black hair chestnut eyes

these two lovely ladies wont be in the main story arc but will be in Lez’s story on how he got to Mythron and where the main story leads on.



Both sisters:

heres a little challenge with out saying the same thing (that goes for being worded differently) you guys have to critique my MOCs


The knees are real skinny.

This is way more of a problem for the first one though…


These are fantastic!

these guys are pretty cool

These a pretty good. I quite like the sniper rifle on the second one. Although personally I think some of the pieces on the second one don’t fit together and don’t flow into each other very well. I’m also really not a fan of how the lower legs are armored then there is a sudden drop into the upper legs.

My only complaint is that the second one’s lower arms need more covering armor. The current armor just looks odd there. Other than that, these are pretty good. Well done.

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I think the biggest problem are the knees, as they are really skinny for human mocs. Otherwise, the first one looks a bit bulky, and the second one’s torso doesn’t flow well, as it looks vaguely T-shaped, and the neck looks a bit long from some angles. I also think you should try to make a difference of how tall they are, since one is 5’ 7" and the other is 6’ 3"

The second one’s head is great tho.


These are cool.
I like them.
I don’t really have any problems with these two.
Except the knees.

Neither of them really look like organic beings, the faces have no real resemblance to a human or any sort of human-like being. I’d also recommend removing any visible gaps and trying to make the armor flow as much as possible, such as those near the shoulders and knees. I’ve usually little issue with gaps, but it’s a problem with something intended to have flesh and bones.


Not a fan of their color schemes. Too many colors are scattered throughout their designs.


All he really commented on was the height and knees. I’m commenting on the head design and overall gaps. The knees are the worst in that regard, but not exclusive to the issue.

Also, about the heads, they kind of just look kind of creepy. I’ve seen some decent system built heads before, and these just don’t even really look like faces. In all honesty, they remind me of the blank heads you’d find on those posable figures used for posing in art.

About the advice. It’s still advice. It’s still a comment on a flaw about a creation, how you approach fixing that problem is completely up to you. Even if you don’t want to utilize it, it’s still advice.


Besides the knees being one peg wide, I’m not a fan of the colors on the first one. The white seems a bit out of place, but that’s just me; I usually don’t like white being an accent.

Other than that, I like the torso designs on both of these guys. Especially the rubber band usage on the second one.
And of course those trans-blue shells… ooooh how I love those trans-blue shells… I just got them myself, from my cousin. I had no idea they existed, as I hadn’t bought any herofactory ever.

Also, calm down dude. I don’t think I have to give context. Just calm down.

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Honestly I don’t like the Ouna shields on the first moc. I feel they’re a little too wide from the back of her legs. I also don’t like the faces, the pieces used just don’t work for what is supposed to be a human.


They fell over from two extra tires? Tiny little 1X1X1 tires?

Sorry but I aint buying that story.

MOCs are…interesting?
Really hate both heads because they just end up looking like stacked hand sockets with Technic slapped on. The lower legs are really cluttered. Torsos are even more so.

Highpoint is probably the thighs on the blue one, which are relatively well designed. Lower arms on the gold one are also pretty good.

Needs a lot of work. They could become something really cool - just gonna take a while to get there is all I’m saying.


do you not have spare friction adders?

anyways, yea, the knees are incredibly thin.

also, the torso armor on the 2nd one looks overly bulbous and unnatural.



yes, the height DOES need changing

one is around 8 inches shorter than the other, if your height guides are to be believed.

they should not be able to look directly to their left and be able to look the other in their eye.


These are really not that great.
The posability of the figures themselves looks pretty poor, and, at the few parts where it does bend, the joint is rediculously skinny compared to the rest of the MOC. The faces don’t work in my opinion, as they’re weirdly flat, expressionless, and striped, with the middle jutting out to an odd degree.
That’s just my opinion, though.


I got to admit I was disappointed this has nothing to do with Isaac Clark from Dead Space.

Given that critical error I will commend you on making something that looks somewhat human.

The face is probably the worst area on both, but I do accept that you limited yourself to technic parts.


It’s probably worth noting that tires will help out balance a bit, actually. If they’re in the knees, they may add more of the center of gravity down the torso and into the legs. This’ll help keep the weight lower and help them stay to the ground, it also limits range in joints (which, while this sounds bad, it can prevent some unwanted movement).

You could say those heads are pretty… handy